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On this page I'll point you to some of my favorites RV travel blogs. Each reflects a unique situation, lifestyle, realization of a dream, or reason for traveling and they are the best of the lot that I've found so far.

The only better way to find out is to just do it - stop procrastinating and hit the road yourself.

These days it seems that almost every traveler feels compelled to write a blog. Many of them, initially intended only to keep family and friends up to date, have taken on a life of their own. They've replaced trip diaries and, for many, they are as therapeutic as journaling.

The following web logs (that's where the word blog comes from) belong to the true REAL unsung heroes of the open road - those who have decided to live their travel dreams now and share the details so that we can all be inspired to live ours.

If nothing else, you may be amazed at how many people are "out there" bucking the system, and just doing it "their way."

The One Year Road Trip Join Matt and Eva Webb, as they take their three young children on a yearlong adventure across the US to interview kids in all 50 states who are making real change in the world. And in the process, the Webb family expects to be transformed as well.

American Gibberish Wendy has been on the road fulltime for two years and writes, "Moving on from place to place, following my husband’s career and having all the time in the world to write and experience new places and people was something I had only dreamed about; now it’s my reality".

The Path Less Beaten Hiking, backpacking, camping, road tripping, cycling, cave exploring, snowshoeing, and more. This couple's adventures are set in the western states.

Gone with the Wynns: Jason and Nikki describe themselves as perpetual travelers, RV’ers (for now) and modern day documentarians. Since 2010 when they hit the road full time, their blog has gained one of the highest followings on the RVing circuit. They're young, fun, quirky, adventurous and impromptu. I'm hooked!

Me and My Dog ...and My RV: Barbara can handle a wrench and a new computer program with equal ease - valuable assets for her lifestyle which includes lots of boondocking. She's been traveling full-time with her dog, Katie, since 2011.

Rick and Paulette's RV Travels: Snowbirds who regularly migrate between a Canadian home base and southern destinations. A retired I.T. professional, Rick also posts about the technology they find useful in their travels.

Living and Boondocking in Mexico An American seizes an opportunity - and writes about the adventures and challenges of living, working, and traveling between two countries.

Life's Little Adventures: Jim and Gayle packed up in 2008 and have been traveling full-time since then in their Lazy Daze RV. They say they plan to keep traveling for as long as they're having fun - reading their blog, it's pretty obvious they still are.

In the Direction of our Dreams: Sherry and David retired early when the great recession hit to hike and kayak all the country’s National Parks and National Wildlife Refuges.

Ginger Goes Glamping Ginger, the dog, traveled the country in an Airstream trailer for 3 years, glamping her way through The States, Canada and Mexico. Ginger passed away in 2014 but her humans continue to travel and blog in her memory.

Travels in Therapy: Donna and Russ claim they're "off their rockers and into Therapy". It's what they named their Lazy Daze motor home!

Lively RV: When the Lively family (mom, dad and six kids) hit the road for full-time RVing, friends and family thought they'd last three to six months. They've proved them all wrong and are still going strong.

Taylored RV Traveling: Like many full-time RVers, this couple breaks the routine by traveling for a few months and then camp-hosting in one location for a while. Whether on the road or static, Andy's always got something interesting to muse about.

Five Spoke Wheel: A happy marriage running on a well-balance wheel. Besides sharing moments from their RVing, camping, kayaking, and other travel adventures, David and Lucy share insights from 44 years of a blissful relationship.

Life of Leisure: Marilyn and Brad, Canadians traveling, hiking, and boondocking in the southwestern states (regularly following the routes outlined in my Frugal Shunpiker's Guides).

2 Adventurers: Manny and Roz, are spending two years traveling around the USA and Canda. After that, they'll ship their Leisure Travel Van RV to Europe to continue the adventure.

Rick and Joanne's RV Travels: Like Randy and I, Rick and Joanne travel in their RV for months at a time and, in between, return to a home base. Lately they've added some volunteer camp-host positions in beautiful settings.

Operation Tally-Ho: A young couple, two dogs, an RV, and a great sense of humor. A ton of fun!

Scenic Pathways: While living and traveling in a Rialta RV, Ross and Jo have write a blog that doubles as an on-line travel resource - listing scenic drives and beautiful places across the USA and Canada.

Tavels With the Blonde Coyote: Mary is currently traveling the backroads from New Mexico to Alaska, writing and living out of a tiny Teardrop camper.

Rolling in a RV - Wheelchair Traveling: Provides information about accessibility for people with physical limitations but this extremely well-organized site is crammed full of helpful facts for all RVers whether they need the accessibility information or not.

Gypsy Larry: A provocative writer, philosopher, and photographer with an amazing story. I'm hooked!

To Simplify: All I can say is, you have to visit this blog! Glenn Morrissette is an amazing and talented professional musician, decent amateur photographer, and excellent writer. His blog, his art, and his life philosophy are a joy and an inspiration to all who are living or contemplating a simplified lifestyle.

Kernut The Blonde: Here's someone you have to meet: Kernut is blonde, delightfully whacky, and on the road.

Where's Weaver? The Weavers (Paul and Marsha) have been on the road since 2009. A quote from a post made after their first year: "Over-all, we are living much cheaper than when we lived in our home and are seeing this awesome country of ours."

Wheeling It: Living the RV Dream with 12 Paws, 40 Feet and the Open Road. In 2010 we quit our day jobs, packed our lives away and moved into a 40-foot tin-can home to follow our dream of living an alternative life and exploring the US on wheels.

Into the Mystic: A traveling photographer finding amazing images and musical experiences along the way.

RV Sue and her Canine Crew: RV Sue has just (2011) embarked on her fulltime retirement dream. Beautifully written - a joy to read.

NC Motorcyclists: Jim is a full time RVer who's into motorcycles and ATVs. He's a great photographer with a wry sense of humor.

Travels With Miranda: The story of a thirty-year old Canadian gal, two cats, an RV, and the call of the open road.

Retirement Dreams: Offering pointers for living life as a part-time traveler during your retirement.

The Good Luck Duck: These two ducks, Roxie and Annie, have just flown off (May, 2011) - it's an adventure just to follow theirs! "We want to spend a lot of time boondocking. A WalMart parking lot is fine now and then, but that's not what we're talkin' 'bout."

Searching For Annalee: The blog of an "edge-dweller". To live your life as you want to and refuse to be defeated by the myriad excuses that most people offer for their not being able to do that.

Technomadia: Two "Domestic Nomads" traveling the USA. My favorite feature: "Answers to common excuses not to travel full-time."

Live. Work. Dream: In 2007, Jim and René sold their California business and home to travel and decide "what's next?" More than two years later, these young RVers are still criss-crossing the country as digital nomads, sharing their road trip experience with others who dream of embarking upon a similar adventure someday.

The Adventures Of Tioga And George: George, who calls himself the greatest vagabonder of all time, survived a battle with cancer in 2003 which prompted him to immediately assemble "his team" and hit the road. Think you can't afford the RV travel lifestyle? George rarely pays for camping and his RV travel blog lists income and expenses for all to see.

RV 0777: A refreshing and entertaining read - follow Michael's trials and tribulations, the ups and downs, the ins and the outs of transitioning to full time RVing.

The Professional Hobo: In 2006, Nora Dunn decided to take the plunge. She sold her financial planning practice in Toronto Canada, and got rid of all of her belongings for the adventure of a lifetime. Since then, she has been traveling and discovered more than she could ever imagine. With no end to her travels in sight, enjoy the entertaining chronicle of her adventures.

Hitting The Road With Brain Injury Riding Shotgun: A great story about a single Mom with a traumatic brain injury who is overcoming 4 years of homelessness and is now hitting the road to full time in an RV with her daughter and service dogs.

Roads Less Traveled: Mark and Emily, full-time adventurers, discovered the joys of boondocking and how it can stretch the travel budget. If their adventures and fantastic photographs don't inspire you, nothing will.

Geeks On Tour: Two computer geeks live, work, and travel in their motorhome. While seeing the sights, they spread computer education everywhere they go. (For instance, they can teach you how to start your own RV travel blog.)

Possum Living: Survivalism, with a slant toward tossing it all and living in a cheap pickup camper. Tracy is a self-proclaimed wandering journalist and junkyard warrior.

Life On The Open Road: Diana has been a full-time RVer for 10 years, primarily "boondocking," camping free without hookups, in the Western US.

The Long Long Honeymoon: Instead of jaunting off to honeymoon on a posh Pacific island, these newlyweds hitched up their trusty Ford diesel truck to explore America. Their long, long honeymoon journey has stretched over 30,000 miles, camping in every conceivable environment, attracting a fair share of media attention... “Because life should be a long long honeymoon…”

The Bayfield Bunch: Kelly and Al live in Southern Ontario in the summers and, like many snowbirds, travel to the southwestern states in the winter. The photography on the site is nothing short of amazing!!! A favorite Al quote: "Only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now."

The Wandering Wishnies: With absolutely no previous camping or RV experience, on a whim, Fred and Jo shed the trappings of "normal life" to go off to see the world in a fifth wheel. Through their RV travel blog, they share it all with you - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Somewhere In Time: Joe and Sherri are new to this. Their RV retirement dream is just beginning (May 2009). Share it as it unfolds, one adventure at a time.

Road Life: Follow the daily reports of this adventurous couple as they travel to and through Alaska.

The Airstream Chronicles: Rich has transformed his passion for the outdoors and photography into a life of traveling the countryside in an Airstream RV. Naturally, he posts some pretty amazing photos.

The Road Less Travelled: Barbara and Ron met through a popular RV singles club, WIN (Wandering Individuals Network) and now travel together.

Mark and Chris's Phaeton Place: Follow the trail of a Canadian couple as they learn about full-timing. Mark and Chris started RVing 2 years ago and only recently (summer of 2009) became full timers when they headed off to Alaska for their first big adventure.

Lenses and Wheels: Once a trucker, now an RVer and photographer. Follow his travels, photo by photo.

The RoadScholarz: An RV trip with kids with tips for home (or rather, road) schooling.

Hit The Road Jack: On a wing and a prayer....full-time RVers since February 2005 - and sharing all they learn while living their dream life.

I'm constantly finding new favorite RV travel blogs to add to this blogroll. If you are currently on the road yourself and write an RV travel blog, or if you know of other exceptional or unique blogs that would contribute to showing the diversity of travelers who are "living their dream" please let me know so I can add them to the above list and follow their travels myself.

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"What Is YOUR Day-To-Day Life On The Road Really Like?"

Perhaps you have a story to share but don't really want to get into writing a blog to do it. The readers of this website would love to hear about your RVing experience. Just click here for simple instructions to submit your story or read those of other RVers.

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