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Import Duties

by Alicia
(Alberta canada)

I have imported a number of vehicles and trailers into Canada. First correction is that now you need to use a broker to send your paperwork to the board . I found border quite helpful .
Next is import duties . Regardless if your motorhome was manufactured in the USA you will be charged duty if your Vin number starts with foreign number. For example our motorhome is built by Winnebago but had a Mercedes chassis . Some of these motorhomes were designated with the NAFTA value and that makes it easier to avoid duty . However let it be known that all duties are subject to appeal . They don't tell you that at the border . I am appealing on the basis that more than 65% of the manufacture value was of US origin. It is a battle because that at the border crossing they wish
to easily classify your motorhome by the Vin number . I would appreciate hearing from anyone else who has gone through the appeal process .

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