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RV Insurance for Full-Timers

by Looking for advice

Q. I'm thinking of becoming a fulltime RVer with no fixed address. Any suggestions for getting drivers licenses and RV insurance?

Marianne's Reply: I'm going to throw this one over to the many full-timers out there for their expert advice and comments but I think the first thing we need to establish is what your nationality is? Are you American? Canadian? It will make a difference.

Comments for RV Insurance for Full-Timers

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Feb 14, 2017
Can't believe the cost of Wayfarer
by: Anonymous

I keep reading Wayfarer are the cheapest but that's not my experience. They are 3 x time the amount of my current insurer Echelon.

Jul 23, 2016
Oregon Not Cheap For Motorhomes
by: Anonymous

Trailers might be cheap to register and license in Oregon. You have to get new tags every year.

Mar 04, 2013
Full-Time RV Insurance Alberta & BC
by: Steve Manville

Wayfarer is a great company for people that need fulltime RV Insurance in Ontario. RV Direct Insurance also does Full time RV Insurance as well for people that live in both Alberta and British Columbia. If you're thinking about making the jump you can go to our website and get a quote to see how much it would be to go full time. You can also give us a call at 1-866-771-7831

May 15, 2010
How to beat the system
by: Rattlesnake Joe

My wife and I sold our house and became full time RV'ers. We use Oregon as our residence because Oregon has no sales tax. We live half the year in Oregon. Usually the hot summer months and then its off to Arizona for a warm winter. We figure we live cheaper in Oregon because of no blasted sales tax, period. We buy all our big ticket items in Oregon and only food, gas and cheap rent in AZ [if we don't boondock].

We use a mail service here in Oregon to send us our mail while in AZ and use the RV Park address in Oregon for our mail when living in Oregon.

A family member is an insurance agent here in Oregon so we use him and he takes care of us really well so we don't worry about anything.

We register our SUV and travel trailer in Oregon too as it is sooooo cheap [less than a hundred bucks for both].

We get our drivers license in Oregon too. Cheap and we find an out-of-the-way Dept of Motor Vehicles to use so we don't have to take a number and wait. And did I mention OREGON IS CHEAP?

Just one word of caution...please keep this info under your hat. If the blasted government finds out they will tax us to death in Oregon too.

Oct 28, 2009
RV Insurance
by: Marianne

For Canadians, I can recommend Wayfarer Insurance ( Call 1-800-461-0318 for a free quote.

We shopped around and found no one could compare with their rates for our b-class RV and we liked their personal service (a real person actually answers the phone) so much that we eventually switched our car insurance over to them as well. The rates for the car were competitive too. We haven't had a claim, so can't say anything about that aspect.

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