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US Van Conversion Import

by Ron Laine
(Calgary, Alberta)

I would like to take a Canadian purchased empty Sprinter cargo van and have someone like Sportsmobile do a custom conversion for me.
Can I get the conversion inspected and certified for use in Canada? Do all parts (stove, heater, etc)need to be CSA approved?
Also, I believe I would need to pay GST on the conversion when I bring it to Canada, would I also need to pay State sales tax and duty at the border?

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Aug 26, 2017
Who did you choose?
by: Stéphane Lavergne

Hi! You say you ended up using a conversion company from Québec. Who did you go with? Safari Condo, New West, Gala RV, Cosy Road? I'd be curious to hear about your experience.

Thanks. :)

Dec 08, 2015
by: Anonymous

The GTRV was an option we considered rather than going through the millions of facets of worrying about the border and Sportsmobile. Located in Vancouver.

We did not go with that option, and went from a Quebec conversion company (even though we are not in Quebec). Good choice for us, however they are not keen to answer back when warranty work is inquired about via e-mail.

Good luck and happy travels:).

Jun 19, 2015
by: Bob

Having owned 2 NCV3 Sprinters, (2007 on up), I would recommend sticking with the T1N, (pre-2007), Sprinter.
The newer ones have had problems with emissions, transmissions, and other various electronics and front end issues.
Our 2, a 2009 cutaway 3500, & a '13 3500 van, both had multiple front end/suspension/alignment problems.
The older Sprinters, if you can find a good non-rusted specimen, are much, much simpler to work on with much less electronics.

Just my 2 cents

Jun 18, 2015
Tax yes, CSA approved parts - possibly
by: Marianne

Interesting question and I'm not 100% sure I know the correct answer. I do know that since the vehicle was purchased and remains registered in Canada, you won't have to go through the import process and (I'm guessing) that, other than the propane system and propane appliances, nothing else will need to be CSA certified.

Yes, you will need to show receipts for the work you have had done and pay gst and possibly other duties on the improvements. I would contact The Canadian Border Services Agency for the exact details.

I would ask Sportsmobile whether they've worked with other Canadian vehicles. They're a big company so it's highly likely. They may know more about this. We all have repairs done and parts replaced on our travels and have never been questioned or inspected on those.

Perhaps, some readers who have gone through something similar can chime in.

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