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2 Comments on Water-Conservation Suggestions

by Susan & Peter
(Saugerties, NY)

1- Somebody suggested saving the water that runs when you're waiting for the hot water to come. We suggest to disconnect your hot water heater altogether! A bit of water heated in a tea kettle is plenty for washing dishes, sponge bathing, etc. Why waste fuel keeping a tank full of water hot all day & night?

2- Somebody suggested wrapping used tp in plastic rather than putting it down the toilet. We haven't put any tp in the toilet for years. Just wrap the #2 tp in clean tissue, no plastic required. #1 tp needs no wrapping at all. It won't stink in the trash can, probably because it dries before the bacteria can grow.

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Jul 04, 2014
TP in Mexico - Puerto Escondido
by: Anonymous

My daughter lives in Puerto Escondido and nobody flushes their TP instead they just put it in the trash. I thought this would stink but when we visited there was no smell and it is very hot and humid. Hard to get used to as a Canadian with plenty of water but good idea for RVing.

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