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Affordable Ontario:
Frugal and Fun Ontario Attractions

No, it's not an oxymoron. There is such a thing as affordable Ontario travel.

UPDATE:My newest web site, was born as a direct response to what I learned on this Ontario trip. It's where you'll find hundreds of new, legal, safe, affordable Ontario-wide and continent-wide boondocking options. (Yes, including in my back yard.)

Although Randy and I are Canadians, we know it's cheaper to travel through almost any of the 48 continental United States than to travel through our own province of Ontario. There are many reasons for this but, even when our Canadian dollar isn't in a favorable position, cheaper gas and lower campground fees overall remain top of the list for RVers. It's one of the reasons so much of this web site is devoted to our travels through The Untied States. After all, the concept of this site is FRUGAL RV travel.

But Ontario (and all of Canada) does, of course, have many beautiful features, both natural and man-made, that are unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Recently, I started a quest to find and identify the best affordable (free and frugal) Ontario attractions.

Once again, I realized that I had to go to many different sources to figure out what I could see and do for free or cheap. In fact, I spent a lot of time asking questions locally - at tourist information offices and of the people I met on my travels. I've been working on putting everything I found into one source - so that you won't have to repeat all that legwork. The final result will be a comprehensive guide (at a very affordable price) listing all the free and frugal attractions I found in Ontario - all of which I've personally visited and have given a "thumbs-up!" I hope you'll be patient for that.

Ontario is SO BIG and I quickly realized it will take me several years to check it all out myself. Yet, I plan to do just that. This summer, I completed the initial leg of that journey. Randy couldn't accompany me this time so, for me, it also became my first solo RVing experience - not bad, but I prefer the companionship we provide each other on most of our longer trips.

Here are links to some of my blog entries, musings, and photos from my solo RV trip through Ontario's cottage country:

Hockley Valley to Penetanguishene

Muskoka and Haliburton Highlands

Kawartha Lakes

Also, you won't want to miss what I discovered about boondocking in affordable Ontario.

Even in these cottage areas, where property values are based on Toronto incomes, there's so much to see and do for free or almost free. Stay for free on Boondockers Welcome properties and discover for yourself how affordable Ontario can be.

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