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Boondocking In California -
We Found Plenty

Yes California is an expensive state to visit but RVers and tent campers who don't mind boondocking away from the coast and in the deserts of California can cut those costs drastically.

The granite-capped mountains, and surreal desert landscapes mean a different adventure awaits around every corner.... well, actually California is so big that you'll usually round a few extra corners between destinations. That's why finding free camping is even more important for those wanting to stay on budget.

Randy and I spent 2 months in 2000, six months in 2011, and another 3 months in 2017 exploring the southern part of the state.

Here are links to our blog entries from the 2011 trip. They include lots of photos, including some of our many free campsites.

Another Adventure Begins

Crossing Arizona

California Desert Camping

Salvation Mountain and The Slabs

Birthdays on the Road

Jojoba Hills

If Only We Were Better Liars

Joshua Tree National Park

It's Time to Tell the Truth

We escaped Death Valley - Alive!

Hwy 395 - Along the Eastern Sierras

The Kern River Valley and Lake Isabella

It's Summer - We're on the Beach!

Big Sur, Sonoma Coast, and San Francisco

The Sierras and Yosemite National Park

Bear Encounter

Peak Bagging

After 184 Days on The Road

The information and specific directions to our free campsites on the east (desert side) of the Sierras can be found in my Frugal Shunpiker's Guide for this state. Boondocking in California's Deserts and Eastern Sierra The second edition - completely revised and updated (2017) - is now now available.

By camping for free on most of the 184 nights of our trip, we saw a huge part of California while keeping our costs at a minimum. If only it was as easy to find alternatives to high fuel prices as it was finding frurgal camping options and boondocking in California.

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