Boondocking In New Mexico


For a really unique experience, try boondocking in New Mexico. True to its nickname, New Mexico really is The Land Of Enchantment.

We were amazed at how many scenic free camping opportunities there are, many of them near this state's most popular tourist attractions.

Of course the secret, as always, is finding them. And I've done that for you!

Here's a glimpse of just a few of our free New Mexico campsites. All are scenic, safe, legal, and free!

New Mexico free campground

New Mexico dispersed forest camping

New Mexico free campground

View from our free BLM dispersed campsite

New Mexico dispersed camping

The Frugal Shunpiker's Guide "RV Boondocking In New Mexico" provides precise, easy-to-follow directions to 100 frugal (usually free) camping locations that we personally used near the most popular (and lesser-known but waiting for you to discover them) destinations in New Mexico.

RV Booondocking In New Mexico

RV Boondocking In New Mexico - A Frugal Shunpiker's Guide

This 159-page printable eBook is now available for immediate download

Many other guidebooks and websites will tell you about campgrounds but not the free ones.

Through fifteen years of shunpiking (driving the back roads), we've discovered many scenic dry-camping options. Most are right on route to New Mexico's major attractions.

If you prefer to camp for free in the most scenic locations, prefer traveling around rather than staying in one place, and are looking for affordable adventures and variety in your RV travels, you need this guide.

Attention Tent Users!

This guide is not just for RVers. Almost all of the 100 suggested frugal and "camp-for-free" areas listed in this guide are suitable for tents as well as RVs. Footnotes for each camping entry will tell you whether a tent can be set up at each campsite as well as what size of RV can most easily access the sites.

What You'll Get In This Book

This 159-page printable eBook contains:

  • Detailed directions to every suggested attraction and campsite.

  • A route map provides a visual image of the suggested routes and where to camp for free along each route.

  • Easy Referencing: The book is divided into color-coded sections corresponding to the 5 different geographical areas shown on the map. A full index at the back of the book is also a helpful tool.

  • A detailed one-month itinerary covers the most popular New Mexico destinations. Follow it, see all the major attractions, and spend less than $160.00 in camping fees for the entire month!

  • Tips on what to see, where to camp, where to shop, where to find free water, free RV dump stations, propane, showers, wi-fi Internet, and more.

  • Hiking suggestions: We love to hike so we've listed some of our favorite New Mexico hikes.

All for less than one night in an average campground.
$7.00 (limited time discount)

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Here's what others are saying about RV Boondocking In New Mexico:

I purchased your ebook on New Mexico and we had a wonderful time following your recommendations. I referred to you so much during our travels that my wife now refers to you as my girlfriend! We would like to travel to Colorado and wondered if you have a travel guide for that State? Once again thank you so much for an excellent publication and we wish you much success with your efforts.

Randy Davis,
Prairie Village, Kansas

At the end of October we purchased your four Frugal Shunpiker Guides, which are so far proving to be invaluable to us on our maiden RV voyage to the southwest. We are spending quite a bit of time in New Mexico as we have never realized what a spectacular state it truly is. We are using your guide a lot and haven't been disappointed yet! Thanks again for all of your great work on your guides. The information is tremendously helpful, and we're having the time of our lives.

Marilyn Gris
Hamilton, Ontario

I congratulate you on the Frugal Shunpikers guide for New Mexico, and for the Basic Boondocking book. They both are top draw -- great writing. Keep up the good work.

Bernard Fuller
Outdoor Writer

I was very impressed by all three of these books, one each for New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. They detail suggested routes for touring these states, complete with affordable and free dry camping spots along the way.

Of particular interest to Canadians is the fact that Marianne is a Canadian! I've heard great things about how cheap it is to boondock in New Mexico, but her book on the state is the only resource I've found that explains in detail how a Canadian can benefit from the New Mexico parks policy.

Rae from Travels With Miranda

Thank you for my review copy of "RV Boondocking In New Mexico". Although the true test will be in using it, I can already tell that the information is invaluable.

Your guides to Arizona and Texas saved us lots of money last year, (not to mention, opened our minds about camping without hook-ups ... that it's a great option to campgrounds). We've been recommending your guides to all our RVing friends. Keep up the good work!

Greg Harrison
Sherbrooke, Quebec

I'm currently "camped" (I have a 74 GMC Motorhome, 23 ft.) at Aguirre Springs watching the sun come up over White Sands. I'm the only one here in spite of New Mexico's State Parks being shut down this Thursday and Friday.

By the way, your writing has been very helpful to me as I travel with a five year old black lab and we like finding places that she can roam and sniff. She is a food thief so I dare not let her leashless near other campers.

Cliff Moore
Vashon, Washington

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