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It's Summer - We're on the Beach!

We made it to the beach - The Pacific Ocean - and it took less than a minute for me to get my feet wet.

It had been more than ten years since we've been on the Pacific coast. And more than three months on this trip - to get from home (Ontario) to the California shore. I was so excited I wanted to jump right in for a swim but the water was cold and the day wasn't warm enough so we settled for a barefoot walk.

Feet in the Pacific

Beach Camping

To our delight, we found a some places where RVers can camp right on the beach.

The last couple of weeks have been packed full. They started with a very brave act: Randy drove through Los Angeles traffic to visit old friends there.

Then we started our drive north along the coast. At first we took a few detours back inland, to find some peaceful camping up above the clouds that seemed to hang along the coast. We learned from the locals this is usual this time of year. They call it "June Gloom." We also timed our inland trips for the weekends when campgrounds on the coast are difficult to get.


The Danish village of Solvang was a delight.

Highlights included throwing our kayak in at Morro Bay where we paddled around with the sea otters and harbor seals, and crossed the bay to a secluded beach which is only accessible by water. We were so excited to give our inflatable kayak it's first taste of salty water.

 Sea Eagle kayak

Secluded beach

The Santa Barbara beach palm trees and manicured grass boulivards was beautiful but we preferred the more natural beaches.

Secluded beach

We found more beaches with free day-use access than I had expected.

harbour seals

We got pretty close to these seals playing on the rocks.

Rugged California coastline

Heading north, we took took our time, with many side trips and stops to enjoy the amazing views of the rugged coastline

my office

My office. This ingenious sun-shade (towel over a lawnchair) makes it possible to see my computer screen outdoors.

Days On The Road At Time Of Writing: 97
Camping Costs To Date: $100.00

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