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California Desert Camping and Other Adventures

Randy has a theory about time-expansion: to expand time, add variety to your activities. The weeks at home, doing the same daily routines, seem to fly by but, while on the road, we often look back and say, "I can't believe all THAT has happened in just one week." Here's a photo glimpse of how we spent the past week, expanding time, in the California desert.

Imperial Sand Dunes

We played in the sand at the Imperial Sand Dunes

Algodones, Mexico

We crossed into Mexico where I experienced first hand what many Snowbirds come here for: saving money on dental work. A first for me - I started cautiously, with a cleaning, was pleased with the results and, yes, I would do it again. $30.00 versus $120.00 at home.

Algodones, Mexico

Margaritas anyone? Another across-the-border bargain we took advantage of.

This was followed by a stop at a favorite California desert oasis: the Hot Springs near Holtville.

Desert Oasis



We spent four magical evenings around a campfire with talented musicians - a mix of Canadian Snowbirds and San Diego weekend campers.

Musical Nights

Musical Nights

Musical Nights

Enjoyed some amazing hikes

Palm Canyon

We love this time when the desert is in bloom!

Cactus Bloom

A woman broke her leg on a hike. Fellow campers helped get her back to the trailhead. She didn't seem to be in much pain because we saw her laughing and joking with her husband as he handed out a round of beers to the rescuers. But then the wheels of the "emergency response system" kicked in. We watched in total amazement as it unfolded. First on the scene was the border patrol, next a park ranger. Three different county fire trucks arrived, followed by the sheriff and, finally, after a full hour and a half, an ambulance took the woman to hospital. We sure hope her leg is mending and that she has insurance coverage!

All just part of the entertainment this week in the Caifornia desert. We are easily amused, aren't we?

A Broken Leg in the desert

Days On The Road At Time Of Writing: 28
Camping Costs To Date: $27.00

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