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Escalante National Monument, Utah.

Utah is one of our favourite states in the southwest. Escalante National Monument is just one of the reasons.

We've spent a lot of time here on other trips, and although we've chosen to concentrate on exploring some new areas in New Mexico during the last precious weeks

These photos were taken in Escalante ... a huge and most beautiful part of southern Utah!You may think the photos have not been touched up but they haven't. The scenery really is this colorful here.


One of many canyons we hiked into
Slot Canyon Hike In Escalante

My favorite kind of hike: a slot canyon.
Beach Camping On Lake Powell

We join other RVers, camping on the beaches of beautiful Lake Powell
Slot Canyon Hike In Escalante

I'm blending in to be part of the scenery along this slot canyon hike. I think it's quite a flattering photo of me.

But if I wanted to go to my grave with softer smoother skin, I wouldn't be living this outdoor life now, would I?

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