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Joshua Tree National Park

On this, our second visit to Joshua Tree National Park, we knew exactly what we wanted to do: forget hiking and play on the rocks instead. We love to hike - usually. Five years ago when we spent four days at Joshua tree, our only regret was that we spent one of those days hiking up Mount Ryan. Don't get me wrong, it was a good hike, with a splendid vista view from the top but, we can have a similar experience in many locations. It was sort of like having a weekend pass to Disney World and spending one of the days in a video arcade.


At Joshua tree the rocks beckon us. We turn into two twelve-year-olds without parents around who might caution us not to climb too high. The rocks - friendly, rounded, granite boulders gripping the soles of our shoes, bolstering confidence, and making us fearless. We ARE Spiderman times two! Once started, it becomes a game. What boulder can we hop to next? How will we find our route to the top?

Professional climbers, weighted down with a thousand dollars worth of carabiners, chokes, and friends, scale the flat sides of these giant rocks while Randy and I look for a route over the back side of a rock pile, reaching the top, just as high, faster and with much less effort or risk. What we could teach those climbers!!!!

Climbers at Joshua Tree

Hey guys, why are you doing it the hard way?

Marianne aka Spidey

Just call me "Spidey"

Joshua Tree National Park is a giant park, with so much more to offer - even for those no longer in touch with their inner twelve-year-old.

Joshua Tree

The Joshua Tree itself. It's one giant yucca.

nolina in bloom

At this time of year, desert cactus and other plants are in bloom all around us.

 camp in the rocks

Camp in the rocks. Very appealing campsites, like this one, are reasonably priced - only $10.00 per night.

So, what else entertained us this past week? We hiked a couple of great trails. You know how much we LOVE slot canyons? By accident, we stumbled upon an excellent slot canyon hike - one that involved ladders.

slot canyon hike

slot canyon hike with ladders

And, as usual, we found other scenic boondocking locations.



Days On The Road At Time Of Writing: 41
Camping Costs To Date: $47.00

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