Private RV Rentals Now Easier Than Ever

Looking to rent an RV? Or do you own an RV that sits idle half the year? I can recommend three private RV rental web sites. They match renters with RV owners who want to earn extra income during the weeks and months their RV normally sits idle. These platforms make the process easy and secure for both renter and RV owner. Applicants are screened, appropriate insurance is arranged, damage deposits are held, and the web site handles all the details. (Best option in Canada.)

More Affordable Rates Aren't the Only Advantage

With private rentals, you'll also find:

  • Greater variety of type of RV available.
  • Accessories included. Most private rentals include the things you need: dishes, pots and pans, linen, lawn chairs, etc. Major commmercial rental agencies generally charge extra for these.
  • Personal Care & Instructions - Owners want you to take good care of their RV; it's their pride and joy. You'll be renting a well-loved RV and owners can take extra time to ensure you're familiar with every aspect of using it. Both owner and renter are able to meet in person and stay in contact during the trip.
  • Better availability Large commercial RV rental companies have strict policies for minimum rental periods and usually require booking months in advance. With private RV rentals, the owners are often more flexible.

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