RV Friendly Communities
That Extend an Official Welcome to RVers

This page is an invitation to all RV Friendly communities, especially those who offer an option of free overnight RV parking. Many RVers visit this site looking for suggestions for new places to visit on their travels. Would you like to see your community, area, or business listed here?

Do you know of an RV friendly community or area you'd like to share with other RVers? Are you an official spokesperson trying to attract new tourism traffic to your community? If you've ever driven by a Wal-Mart parking lot near a prime tourist area, you'll realize that many, many RVers prefer free overnight parking to paying for a campground.

Does this mean these RVers are cheap or that they do not spend money in that community?

On the contrary. They could and would have stayed home if they were cheap. They spent far too much for the purchase of their RV and fuel to get here, not to enjoy all the best your community has to offer. The money they don't spend on accommodation is now available for entertainment, visiting local attractions, and enjoying a restaurant meal. While in your RV friendly community, these RVers will also purchase souvenirs, clothing, haircuts, RV repairs, laundry service, fuel, and groceries.

But what about the local RV campgrounds? Won't they go out of business when communities provide and encourage free overnight RV parking?

Tent-campers still need campgrounds and RVers who currenlty use RV parks will continue to use them. RVers who park at Wal-Mart are looking for a different experience. Just like the big hotel chains recognized a demand a few years ago and started building more economy-class hotels, some innovative RV park owners across the country are (finally) beginning to offer a limited, low fee ($5.00 to $10.00 per night) parking-only area - no access to any of the park services. Even at $5.00 per night, ten parking spots on a paved, dirt, or grassy area, can generate $1400.00 per month in easy, cost-free, new revenue. Some parks set two or three-day stay limits. Added benefits for the park operators include extra sales in the park store, new exposure, and referrals. RVers have been asking for this for years. Why not encourage your local RV park to be an industry leader and join this new trend (before the competition in the neighboring town beats them to it)?

Most boondocking RVers are not on a short month-long holiday.

They spend months or even years at a time traveling, exploring new areas and want to see everything this country has to offer but would rather drive by your community than pay $30.00 to $40.00 per night for services they don't need or want. Our RV has all the amenities we require. We don't need hook-ups, running water, picnic tables, washrooms, showers, or swimming pools. All we want and need is a safe, legal, quiet place to park for the night. Where we go and, consequently, where we spend our money is often determined by which communities openly and officially welcome us. Does yours?

Want to Invite RVers to Your Community?

Do you live in or know of an RV-friendly community where free or low-cost overnight RV parking is available? Invite RVers to come and visit!

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