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What do I Know About RVer Health Insurance for US Citizens ?

Not much. I'm Canadian.

I do know it can be very confusing for our American friends to choose the right plan. I've heard that some health insurance plans don't cover travelers when out of their home state. We've learned from many RVers about the high cost of premiums (thousands, in some cases, tens of thousands of dollars annually) for a plan with extremely high deductibles and generally poor coverage. How will this affect you if you are, or plan to become, a full-time RVer? How does the Affordable Care Act play into this? What do you need to consider if you're on Medicare?

I certainly don't have the answers, but I can direct you to someone who does. Kyle Henson has been on the road with his family as a full-time RVer since 2011. An experienced insurance agent, he discovered that RVers have unique insurance needs. He has recently launched a web site, RVer Health Insurance, specifically to help American Rvers sort out the best affordable health plan to suit their portable lifestyle.

What Else do I Know?

As Canadians who spend a lot of time traveling in the USA, we're often asked about our universal health insurance. Does it really work? It's amazing how many Americans have heard horror stories about it.

I'm here to say that, while it isn't perfect, we feel extremely fortunate and proud to live in a country where access to health care is universal. Where no mother ever has to think twice about taking her sick child to a doctor, afraid of the cost. Where no one, regardless of income, is treated differently. Without going into huge detail, I can tell you from personal experience that we have great doctors, the wait times for surgery are NOT always longer in Canada, and that, when they are, it's for non-urgent situations. Canadians who travel to the US instead of waiting their turn here are those with money. Our system doesn't allow them to pay to jump the line; crossing the border lets them do that. Sure, we pay higher taxes for all this but I don't know one Canadian willing to give up universal health care in favor of lower taxes.

I also know that the cost of health care in Canada is far less than in the USA where hospitals, being private enterprises, can take advantage of the sick and dying. That's why Canadians need to purchase extended medical insurance whenever we travel. For a few dollars a day, it covers us for the additional cost over and above what the same procedure would be at home.

I've never really figured out why our American neighbors have not just copied what so obviously works well up here. Maybe some day.... Meanwhile, for those RVers who need to "shop" for the best plan, it's nice to be able to recommend someone like Kyle at RVer Health Insurance to help them with the process.

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