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RVing in Texas:
What is the Appeal?

What makes RVing in Texas so appealing to us? Unlike other southern states, Texas is not generally known for its abundance of natural attractions, exceptional hiking trails, or gorgeous mountain scenery - all the things we seek out on our trips. It's not generally known for its natural beauty - but Southern Texas is a fooler!

Within a two-day drive of most north-eastern states and provinces, the Southern Texas winter climate rivals that of Florida, Southern Arizona, and California so, it's only natural that many RVers have discovered southern Texas - especially as a winter escape.

Most of those RVers end up "hunkering down" in the Rio Grande Valley - in McCallen, Brownsville, Harlingen, and the surrounding area, where they can expect sunny, warm winter temperatures and palm trees are planted to create a tropical feeling.

But there's much more than just the weather that attracts us. These links take you to some of our more recent adventures in Southern Texas:

The above is just a small taste of what we've seen and done on our four trips to southern Texas.

And here's another excellent itinerary suggestion for RVing in Texas.

Of course, for us, it's all about seeing and doing it on a budget - and that entails boondocking most nights. As it turns out - we've found lots of that while Rving in Texas as well.

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