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A wealth of resources for RVers is available on the Internet, but who has the time to search through them all? This page provides links to some of the best frugal, RV-travel-related web sites I've found -- resources for RVers as well as tent campers and backpackers. These are sites that we refer to ourselves, so I think you'll appreciate them too.

RV Dump Locations - Search by state or province across many countries. These two visitor-generated web sites list RV dump stations in several countries. Some are free but, where a fee is charged, it is listed.
Or, search by route and mile marker (mainly USA Interstates) at:
RV Dumps

Discover the most popular app for travelers. The camping edition lets you filter results to show the nearest private and public campgrounds, Walmarts that permit overnight RV parking, fuel, propane fill stations, truck stops, rest areas, and almost every need an RVer can think of.

New RVs are made to look pretty, but too often quality and after-sale service is lacking. This site offers free guidance and reviews of the most popular brands and manufacturers. Don't fall in love with that RV before checking the reviews here!
RV Manufactuerers Reviews

Download this FREE app to access mobile offline maps for more than 50 countries around the world. You'll be able to navigate using the maps without internet. Many extras including travel guides and tips.
RV Maps Me

All you need to know about USA-Canada border crossings. Wait times, traffic and road conditions for the busiest border crossings, and current regulations, duties, restrictions, firearms, pets, and much more.
RV Driving Records Finder

Private RV rentals
A North-America wide peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace. Rental costs include full liability insurance coverage, and renters can add roadside assistance to their rental as well. RV Owners can earn up to $30,000 a year renting out their rigs.

Private RV rentals (Canada)
Canada’s largest and most affordable RV rental marketplace.

RVShare - Private RV Rentals (USA)
Rent an RV from individuals or RV dealerships.
Earn income by renting your RV out.

Considering becoming an RVer? Want advice on what type of RV to buy? Join this facebook group (moderated by the folks at to ask your questions and get answers from experienced RVers.
RV Advice Facebook Group

Find the cheapest fuel price along your route, know whether it's cheaper across the state line, if diesel is available, and what other services are offered at each station. Covers Canada and U.S.A. Use the web site or download the free mobile app!
Gas Buddy

Affordable RV storage near your home offered by private property owners. RV Storage

If you only subscribe to one RV-related newsletter - make it this one! It's weekly; packed with news, information, and advice; and, best of all, it's 100% free!
RV Travel Newsletter

This free online gadget lets you plan a trip and view weather along your route. Once you have planned your route, you can tweak your departure time to give you the best weather.
Get There Dry Route Planner

The largest selection of new and used RVs on the Internet
RV Trader

A comprehensive go-to web site for all things RVing and camping. The site is new (2017) but so far I really like what I see!
Camp Addict

Another new site that I really like. This couple's posts contain tons of great (sometimes unique) advice for the RV lifestyle.
The Wandering RV

A clickable map lets you find RV parks, free camping locations, and tips and information about public lands and the best camping locations in every state.
RV Camping

Advertised fuel economy is now government regulated.This website offers many tools and online calculators for accurate comparison of fuel efficiency and costs between various vehicles. An invaluable tool when shopping for a preplacement vehicle.
Official US Government Fuel Economy Information

Self-proclaimed "do-it-yourselfers" and fulltime RVers with so many tips to share that they put most of them on video. Theirs are the the most-watched RV-specific videos on YouTube! And worth following just for their regular valuable prize giveaways.
The RV Geeks

It's virtually impossible for RVers to keep up with the latest, best, and least costly mobile Internet technology. Now you don't have to. Members of this web site can trust the amazing Technomadia team to help them navigate what's available with constant updates about new options.
RV Mobile Internet Resource Center

A huge inventory of new and used RVs for sale by dealers all across Canada. Learn the advantages of buying from a dealer and buying locally.
RV Hotline

The rules of the road are not the same across every state. Knowing them is important to keeping you safe on your travels.
RV Safely

Pet-freindly RV travel advice and an extensive list of pet-freindly destinations created and updated by the web site's followers.
Go Pet Friendly

Bring Fido

Sixty-two locations around the country that offer plug-in outlets at truck stops where boondockers could stay for free and plug-in to electricity for a modest amount ($1/hour).There is no obligation to be running the electric meter the entire time you're parked.
Shore Power

A free listing of over 30,000 public (federal, state, county, municipal, etc.) campgrounds across the country. Subscribe to a POI list or buy the app (IOS or Android) to filter search results by amenities, RV sites, price, seasonal restrictions, GPS coordinates, driving directions, etc.
The Ultimate US Public Campground Project

RV Service Reviews
RV Owners Evaluate Service Facilities across The USA and Canada. More than 7000 reviews.

This free social web site invites RVers to update their location as they travel, making it easy for mutual freinds to find eachother. Joining groups on the site lets you find RVers with similar interests. For instance, you can join the groups, Frugal Shunpikers and Boondockers Welcome to find others camped nearby, who may be following my guides or are members of Boondockers Welcome.

An easy-to-navigate, quick-loading, free web site for finding RV parks to suit your needs. Search by destination, add filters, and bookmark your favorites.
Find RV Parks

A comprehensive listing with links to coverage maps of the various North American cell phone providers and virtual network operators (companies without a network that run on other local networks).
Coverage Map Finder

An excellent database of campgrounds. Search by categories including: Free Camping, National Park campgrounds, RV Parks, State Parks, etc. Dump stations are also listed. An easy-to-navigate web site!

Don't automatically pay the posted fees for public land access. They may be illegally imposed. This wonderful group's actions have spread from its Colorado roots and won significant victories eliminating unfair and illegal fee demonstration programs across the country.
Western Slope No-Fee Coalition

Nomadic Matt's all about traveling better, cheaper, longer. His blogging course can help you turn your travel blog into a substantial source of income.
The Business of Travel Blogging

A great resource for free overnight parking with up-to-date information about which Walmart locations, other retail outlets, truck stops, rest areas, and similar venues allow it and which ones you may expect will but do not. A small annual fee for thousands of locations across Canada and USA.
Overnight RV Parking

A data base created by the users, this web site lists free overnight camping and parking locations across Canada and USA. The main focus is public lands but some retail parking lots and rest areas are also listed.
Free Campsites

WeatherTAB provides long range weather forecasts as far as 18 months in advance using a previously private system developed 50 years ago. It has recently become a free public service. A great tool to help you plan your trips, hikes, and other outings,

Other Frugal Travel (Without an RV)
The Affordable Travel Club
Couch Surfing
Home Exchanges
Home Away - Vacation Rentals

Everything you need to know about Solar for RVs. From experience, Bob is the most trusted source on the web. Better even than most of the "experts" who sell and install it. He explains it all in simple enough language that even I can undestand!
HandyBob Solar

Hundreds of great "how to" articles, tips, and advice for all aspects of RVing written by Ron and Sandy Jones, full time RVers who travel extensively themselves.
About RVing

Volunteer Opportunities for RVers - Park free while you do good.
Habitat for Humanity - RV Care-A-Vaners


NOMADS - Global Ministries

A resource for RVers - uniquely created, maintained, and updated not by any one individual but by a whole community of RVers. Far more than a forum, although that's a part of it too. You'll find lots of great info here and you can contribute your own unique discoveries and ideas.
Do It Yourself RV

Your destination for day trips, weekend getaways, and cross-country adventures.
My Scenic Drives

Free "How To" Videos
Thirty excellent free videos provide tips for buying, driving, insuring, and maintaining your RV plus many other aspects of the RV lifestyle. RV industry expert Mark Polk is the producer & host of America's most highly regarded series of
DVDs, videos, books, and e-books

A comprehensive site for all topics, links, news, and editorials relating to RVing:
RV Basics.

RVing Women
Women On The Road
A Girls Guide to RVing

Margaret Armstrong's Books

Advice and resources for solo women travelers.

Thinking of the RV lifestyle but don't know anything about it? This site answers many basic beginner questions.
RV Camping: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Free attractions and free things to do in all 50 United States and over 1,500 Cities, are listed in a data base. Listings include free museums, parks, concerts, parades, festivals, and zoos.

National Forest Campgrounds Guide
Forest Camping
A well-organized reference guide, providing data designed to help you select a National Forest campground that meets your requirements. Excellent information, gathered by a couple who personally visited every campground listed on the web site.

Work Camping Jobs
Earn income while traveling. Place and answer free online ads for work camping positions across the country.
Work Camping Reviews
Read and add your own reviews of work camping experiences. Earn income while traveling. Place and answer free online ads for work camping positions across the country.
Wander Jobs
For those jobs that are as adventurous as your lifestyle.
Work for food and accommodation. Experience cultures and communities around the world.

Road Trip Journey
You may have driven right by Carhenge, near Alliance, Nebraska or The Fountain of Youth in St Augustine, Florida and you didn't even know it. You can find these and many other unique and bizarre attractions or contribute your own finds to keep the site growing.

Not your stereoptypical RVers,
is a community website for young and active RVers, many of whom work while on the road full time.

Wholesale Warranties is the leading provider of RV extended warranty coverage direct to consumer. With a focus on education and customer service, they are proud to offer RVers access to reliable protection for the road ahead.
Wholesale Warranties

Looking for a more "hip" rental RV? You'd like to rent an RV but those big, boxy, C-Class rental RVs you see on the road are just not your style. Now you can rent a cool VW camper in Bend, Oregon.
Bend Westy

The Essential Guide to Traveling with a Medical Condition
Planning, advice, and tips you may not have thought of.

The Thrift Shopper
Find a thrift store no matter where you're traveling. Search for thrift stores in the national thrift store directory, join an online thrifting community, and learn more about thrift shopping!

The ultimate frugal adventure activity that can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. A treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. Chances are there are "treasures" hidden somewhere along almost all the trails you hike. Geocahing is free to join and the best thing ever to entice kids (of all ages) to take up trail-hiking.

The RV Forum
and IRV2
These active forums are two of the best places on the web for RV-related questions, opinions, and friendly discussions.

Driving into Mexico can be intimidating these last few years. Traveling as a group is considered much safer; however, organized caravans are very costly! Why join an expensive caravan? Instead, meet up with like-minded RVers and make your own arrangements for group travel. Connect with each other here:
Mexico Road Trips
Terri and Mike Church, authors of the difinitive guides for RV travel in Mexico, provide a similar service at
Mexico Travel Buddy Search

A free data base listing Wi-fi hot spots around the world (updated regularly).
Wi-Fi-FreeSpot Directory

World Of Waterfalls
A self-proclaimed "waterfalling addict," Johnny guides you to the world's most beautiful waterfalls.

Geeks On Tour
provides computer training, tips, and solutions for travelers. The geeks, Jim and Chris Guld, are computer support professionals and on the road full-time in their RV.

Cheap RV Living
Various accounts from people who have converted a van or built their own camper to live cheaply on the road.

Wish your RV could travel across the ocean? See more of the world by RV without paying to rent an RV. Much like a home exchange, this RV exchange program connects you with motorhome owners in other countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and many European countries:
RV Motorhome Exchange

Buying something online? Ready to pay and you are asked if you have a promotional code. Now you're frustrated because you realize you could be saving money if you had one. Downloadable codes and coupons (for USA) can be found here:
Deal Hack
In Canada find coupons, freebees and promotional deals at:
Smart Canuks

Camping Road Trip
A web-based mini travel guide that lists campgrounds, attractions, tips, and articles for your roadtrip/camping adventures.
A resource site for consumers looking to cancel a service or membership. Also a good idea to check this out before signing up for your cell phone or gym membership, etc.

Tips for spending less yet living well - both on the road and in a bricks and mortar location.
Where frugal living is sexy, delicious, and fun.

Here's a website that will ensure you don't miss a single stop along the scenic route you're driving.
RV Itinerary Guides
The Itineraries list what you'll find, mile by mile, along many popular tourist routes in The USA, Canada, and Mexico.

RV Boondocking - The Goodlife
This website is just plain fun to read, providing sage boondocking advice with a sense of humor. After years on the road, this RVer discusses the benefits of downsizing to a smaller rig.

Affordable Small Camper Vans For Rent
A rental option for those who don't want or need a big RV. Based in California, you can rent a completely equipped camping van for little more than it would cost to rent a car. Unlike the big RV rental companies, you're allowed to drive a Lost Campers Van on gravel roads to access the free campsites listed in the Frugal Shunpiker's Guides.

House Sitting Opportunities
Perfect for full-time RVers who want a break from traveling. Home owners' listings are free but sitters pay a $50.00 (Canadian) annual fee.

More to come...

More links to resources for RVers, particularly those of interest to frugal travelers, will be added as I discover them.

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