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With a (new to us) Used Roadtrek, our Winter Plans are Taking Shape!

I was beginning to think it wouldn't happen but we finally found our next-generation used Roadtrek! Actually, I'm using the royal "we" here since, I really had nothing to do with it - Randy found her. In fact, I was on a holiday in Europe (spending money without him) and didn't even know about "our" purchase until it was a done deal.

Sweet Surrender 3 - the third Roadtrek of our RVing career, was a complete surprise to me. Randy and I talked a few times while I was away and he picked me up at the airport but he can be very sneaky. He managed not to let anything slip until we rounded the corner at our house and, "What? Who's is that?"......"It's OURS, honey!" Woah - do I look a little bit excited or what?

Our (new) used Roadtrek. A great surprise!

She's not brand new - a 2002 model but in great shape, with low mileage and, without divulging the exact cost, it was listed at a fair price - the deal Randy had been waiting for - he didn't even have to dicker. Sweet!

She is a step up of 12 years for us - we had been driving a 1990 model. Not that we had any problems with Sweet Surrender 2 - she took us through seven years of many wonderful adventures but she was getting a bit tired and, even before our last 6-month trip (our California tour) we had started the hunt for a replacement. Often after a particularly steep stretch of mountain road on that trip, we would console her with, "Thanks, baby - you're doing great but we promise you can start planning your retirement when we get home."

We had been watching and answering ads, even learned how to bid on e-Bay, and were willing to travel across Canada or into The States for the right purchase. We had done all the research and were prepared to import. Although we've always driven a Roadtrek, we were willing to look at other options. Randy researched building a camper himself - as a DIY diesel Sprinter conversion or, alternately, our mechanic suggested converting a Ford E-350 van. Although we love the ease of a Class B, we had even started to look at other RV options. Truck campers and even small (older) Class C campers built on a Toyota chassis got serious consideration. Every idea had its ups but then the downs always seemed to win out.

With plans already underway for our next trip, and no new RV in sight, it was beginning to look like Sweet Surrender 2 might not get to retire after all. But, patience and persistence won out. (Randy's, not mine - I was ready to give in months ago and pay the market price). He held out and found just what we were looking for - listed on and only a two-hour drive from home. As could be expected with a good deal, someone who gets up earlier in the morning than Randy had beat him to the punch. But, because we've been there (a couple of times) before, Randy thought to leave his name and number - in case the deal should fall through. Bingo! It must have been meant to be.

Our planned winter trip (January through May) includes Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Utah. We'll be following and updating the routes laid out in my guides, hopefully adding a few new finds, and stopping for a night or two of free camping at the invitation of some Boondockers Welcome members along the way.

So, if you're down in those southern states and happen to see a 2002 Roadtrek 190 popular with Ontario plates, it might be one of the other 2000 or so on the road but, then again, it could be us. Honk or wave us down. We're always open to fun encounters and impromptu detours!

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