Sedona, Arizona - Playground And Home Of The Rich And Famous

... And Frugal RVers like us!

This past April (2008) we spent just over a week in Sedona . Every day we woke up to the same scenery, and hiked the same trails as the people who are staying at the expensive fancy resorts and spas. That's the real joy of RV travel, isn't it? What a wonderful world we live in!

As far as we're concerned, this red rock area should have been a National Park. But, alas, the rich have claimed it as home. At least the town was well planned; the buildings were built to blend in with the scenery and the natural setting has been preserved very well.

Here are some photos we took on this latest visit.

Boynton Canyon

A view from our hike through Boynton Canyon: the site of one of 4 mystical "Vortex Points" in Sedona. We've now visited them all, and still haven't felt a thing ... hmm ... new age stuff.

View of Cathedral

Cathedral Rock, one of the most famous and most photographed views.

Me on top

That's me, along the Courthouse Butte trail.
What can I tell you?... I like to feel like I'm on top of the world.

On Doe Mountain

We repeated one of our favorite hikes -- to the top of Doe Mountain. From here you get a great view in all directions.

Doe Mountain

Another view from the top of Doe Mountain
Oops, Sorry, Are we blocking your view?

Palatki Ruins

Of course, there are always more Indian ruins to see.

A Shopping Day

So many of the best art galleries in the Southwest are located here. That requires a day of shopping.

Glass Art

Notice that we get a little more dressed up (out of our hiking clothes) so as to fool people into thinking we can actually afford to buy the art.

View From Camp

Of course, whether we've shopped or hiked, the best part is usually still the view from camp at the end of the day.
This is the view from our free campsite on the outskirts of town.

Baloons View From Camp

In the morning we wake to the sound of hot air balloons. Sometimes they even land within a hundred yards of our campsite.

After a week in Sedona, and a week on a previous trip, there are still many hikes and art galleries we haven't covered in this town. Any excuse to come back again.

Days on the road at time of writing: 101
Camping costs to date: $79.00
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