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Owning a Small Trailer: The Top Ten Reasons Why It's Our Choice

The following article was written exclusively for as a guest post.

Aside from the occasional trip to our local annual RV show held in Chilliwack, BC, I don't get a lot of chances to see big flashy RVs up close and personal – I don't happen to be one of the staff members on our team that goes on the road to manage our booth at the big U.S. RV shows. My main hands on experience comes by way of our shared family trailer, an R-Vision Trail-Lite Crossover (kind of like the one shown in the link); just 19 feet, and able to be towed with our 2 wheel drive truck no problem.

We're obviously no full-timers with a rig like this, but I'm here to give kudos to the smaller trailer.

Here's a few pluses that I can think of right off the top:

  • Its small size means it can stay in the driveway year-round, which can still fit up to four more cars!
  • Being able to keep it in close proximity to the house makes it a great "guest room" for family to stay in when guests come (when the weather's nice enough).
  • There's less prep to do when a short weekend getaway is all that's in mind.
  • Needing "less car" has all kinds of benefits; maintenance, gas, tires, costs (including taxes) – and our mid sized truck is definitely more practical in the off season than a giant "dually" might be.
  • It's easier to clean with fewer surfaces, nooks and crannies, and different separate spaces.
  • It's not so intimidating to pull, though I'm sure one would get used to a larger model after a while. Still, there are limitations to where you can go with a big unit!
  • Setup and take down has got to be faster overall.
  • Maintenance on the trailer is easier and less complicated/expensive. Tires life for example can likely be expected to be longer than on a larger, heavier trailer.
  • It's easier and faster to heat and cool.
  • Less size effectively means a bigger campsite for all of the other reasons you might use the space!

With all of the emphasis on bigger and more advanced RVs, as regularly seen at the big RV shows (no surprise there), there are definitely some perks to be found in staying small. Don't get me wrong, I still like walking through the newer and larger models when I get a chance. Well, I hope you liked my top 10 list.

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Drew Clifton is a part of the team at RV Classifieds. There he's helping to make the process of finding (and buying), as well as listing (and selling) RVs easier.

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