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Traveling on the open road in an RV is like riding into a windstorm of adventure. The only way to make the adventure more invigorating is the destination. Think of a destination with beautiful green forests, crystal clear rivers, rolling hills, vast canyons, and Southern hospitality. The destination such as this can be discovered in an RV adventure of a lifetime in Texas, the Lone Star State!

In the northernmost region of Texas, you will enter the Texas Panhandle Plains. While driving through the Texas Panhandle Plains, you will get to experience the haunted grounds of the Old West. As you drive through, the days of cowboys and frontiersmen are reflected in the historical sites and sounds of the area. You can camp your RV in areas where you can tour canyons, falls, and ghost ruins. You can even visit the birthplace of Buddy Holly. Another unique pit stop is Cadillac Ranch where you can view Cadillacs planted nose down in the ground. It's visible from I-40 (but you can miss it if you're not looking) or make it a pitstop while traveling down the famous Route 66.

As you drive westward of the Texas Panhandle Plains, you will find yourself in Big Bend Country. Big Bend National Park is renowned for its camping spots, hiking trails, gleaming rivers, and open skies. When you camp out in this part of the state, you have the opportunity to explore the wilderness of the Davis Mountains, hike Chisos Mountains, stroll through the Chihuahuan Desert terrain, or float on the Rio Grande. For a taste of history, there are outposts, ghost towns, and old homesteads to explore.

Further South is the South Texas Plains. The South Texas Plains are located on the border of Mexico and are home to the Rio Grande valley and Rio Grande River. Here San Antonio is home to the Alamo, noted as the one of the top 5 destinations in the United States. Not only can you relive one of the most historic events in Texas history in this region, but you can also experience family fun while visiting the Alamo Plaza Attractions which include the Guinness World Records Museum, Tomb Rider 3D, and Ripley’s Haunted Adventure. Make plans at the Alamo Plaza Attractions website.

The Texas Hill Country is home to the state capital, Austin. Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World and has over 200 music venues with live music day and night. Wherever you go, you can experience music somewhere close by. Beyond this, you can camp out along the stretching hills and spring fed rivers. In New Braunfels, you can enjoy the natural water sources like the Comal River and the invigorating Guadalupe River. For family fun, go to Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Resort.

One of the greatest experiences you can have on your trip is to visit the Texas Gulf Coast. This Texas playground is where you will find some of the finest beaches in the United States. Camping out on the beach offers scenic views, relaxing days, and lots of family fun. The Woodlands Resort is one of the finest places to visit on the Texas Gulf Coast. The resort is not only home to two championship golf tournaments but also is filled with spas, shopping, and good food. You can even take golf lessons from PGA trainers.

Finally the Texas Prairies and Lakes area provides more historic areas to tour. This are is known as the city of cowboys and culture. Despite the name that sounds purely rural, many metropolitan cities are found in the region. The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, located in this region, has fantastic places to eat, shop, and enjoy entertainment while also having serene lakes and the countryside. It is the perfect blend of country and metropolitan.

Texas has so much to offer that you and your RV could be crisscrossing the state for weeks if not months! Happy travels!

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