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The Frugal RV Traveler Newsletter, Issue #009---A Christmas Gift
December 18, 2012

Heading South?

We are! Preparations are madly underway as we plan to leave on Jan 2 for another extended (five-month) trip. This time to Florida first and then on to more familiar turf: Texas, Arizona, and Utah.

From our Ontario, Canada home, Florida is our nearest warm-climate destination but it's the one southern state we haven't been to in our RV. Why? Because we've heard that finding reasonably-priced and available camping in peak season is difficult and nearly impossible without reservations months in advance.

So why is it on this year's agenda? Because of our new free camping option, Boondockers Welcome. We hope to pay for campgrounds only occasionaly and take advantage of overnight RV parking at the homes of fellow RVers the rest of the time. We've already set up the first few stops of our trip. Currently, 36 members across Florida offer free parking on their property. By the way, have you checked the web site lately? There are now 680 welcoming locations across the continent.

I have a Christmas Present for You!

It's a special price on a Boondockers Welcome membership and comes with a free Frugal Shunpiker's Guide! Just use the coupon code provided below.

If you've been thinking of joining Boondockers Welcome but putting it off, now is a good time. Until Dec 31, 2012 this discount code will give you a 10% discount no matter what membership you choose. You'll also be able to download for FREE my ebook, the Frugal Shunpiker's Guide to Boondocking in New Mexico. If New Mexico isn't on your "to do" list, this guide may change your mind. If you're just curious about the Frugal Shunpiker's Guide series, it provides a good example of the ebooks.

Your special discount coupon code for Boondockers Welcome (valid through Dec 31, 2012) appears below. Copy it exactly as shown. The ebook link will be available as soon as you join.

Your code is: FrugalRVChristmasGift

Combining Work and Play in Florida

We do have two other important reasons for visiting Florida this year. On January 25 and 26, we'll be at the 2013 Full Time Families Winter Family Reunion Rally at Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL where I'll be a guest speaker.

Our time in Florida begins with a family vacation. We'll meet our lovely children and grandchildren for a week at Disney World. That doesn't sound very frugal does it? In fact, we're not even staying in our RV that week.

My daughter found our accommodations online: a six bedroom villa with lots of extras (from the photos, it looks amazing) just four miles from Disney. The cost is equally amazing: roughly $45.00 per night per couple (split between four couples) - about the same as an average night in a Florida campsite! This is our first attempt at a family vacation with our adult children. We did meet them in Las Vegas on our last trip but, since we were actually just the babysitters, it didn't really count!

Now Available: the French Version of the Frugal Shunpiker's Guide, California Boondocking: The Sierra Mountains and Coast

Once again, Rachel has expertly translated the sixth guide in the series:"Boondocking en Californie : Les montagnes Sierra Nevada et la côte." So, all of my guides are now available in both languages.

Frugal Finds:

Canada to US Border Crossing Official List of Prohibited Items: We're probably not the only Canadians packing the RV right now since many snowbirds wait until after Christmas to head south. This web site is a good one to check before crossing the border. It's where Homeland Security posts official updated lists of prohibited items.

Gifts for the Frugal Traveler: From The New York Times, a slide show of nine last-minute gift suggestions for the frugal traveler on your gift list.

Inspiring People:

New favorites on my blogroll include:

Rick and Joanne's RV Travels: Like us, this couple travels for months at a time and, in between, return to a home base. Lately they've added some volunteer camp-host positions in beautiful settings.

Life of Leisure: Marilyn and Brad are fellow Canadians traveling, hiking, and boondocking in the southwestern states. They regularly follow the routes outlined in my Frugal Shunpiker's Guides.

2 Adventurers: Manny and Roz, are spending two years traveling around the USA and Canada. After that, they'll ship their Leisure Travel Van RV to Europe to continue the adventure.

See You on the Road!

Until next time, Randy and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. While we're on the road, I'll be blogging about our travels so please check in or, better still, subscribe to my RSS feed so my posts will arrive in your email (don't worry, I'm not one to post daily).

If you're on the road yourself and happen to be in one of our favorite boondocking spots when we arrive (perhaps because you're following my guides), we hope you won't mind sharing. Since we'll be retracing old routes and updating information, we may very well run into some of you on this trip. I hope so! If not, come visit us after we get home next summer. There's a free boondocking site waiting for you on our property in Ontario.


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