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The Frugal RV Traveler Newsletter, Issue #019 - Closing sale of guides"
October 10, 2022


All good things must come to an end

After 15 years I have closed down the sale of my e-book series, the Frugal Shunpiker's Guides to RV Boondocking.

I strove to do an in-person review of all destinations and routes in each guide every five years, resulting in a fully revised new edition. The pandemic kept us from doing that on the schedule we hoped for and now all six guides are due for a review at once. At the same time, our travel preferences are taking us in other directions. Although I’m sure most of the information in the guides remains valid, I’ve decided to retire them, rather than risk selling outdated information.

Whenever I did update the guides, I sent a free copy of the newest edition to all who had purchased it in the past. If you bought any of them and wonder if you have the latest version, you can look for the edition number and date on the first page of the document. You'll know you have the most recent edition if the dates are as follows:

Arizona: Fifth edition, 2018.

California Desert and East Sierras: Third edition, 2017

California Coast and Mountains: Second edition, 2019

New Mexico: Third edition, 2015

Texas: Fourth edition, 2018

Utah: Fourth edition, 2018

If you discover you don’t have the latest edition, please contact me providing the name and email address you used when you made your purchase, and I’ll gladly send you the latest edition. Don’t wait too long, though; I’ll probably shut down the website within the next couple of months, too, and messages will no longer reach me.

Finally, since they’re now considered “out of print”, feel free to ignore the copyright notice if you'd like to share the guides with friends.

Thank you for purchasing, following, and promoting my guides through the years. It has truly been a fun ride.

Wishing you fun adventures and safe travels,

Marianne Edwards

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