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The Frugal RV Traveler Newsletter, Issue #008---A New Boondocking Guide
July 18, 2012

Just Released: a Sixth Frugal Shunpiker's Guide: California Boondocking: The Sierra Nevada Mountains and Coast

This long-awaited guide was finally released in June. (I've just been too busy enjoying my summer to get this newsletter out!) As many travelers are aware, in the popular National Parks of the high Sierras and along California's coast the challenge is bigger than finding FREE camping - sometimes it's a matter of finding ANY camping at all. This is especially true if you refuse to allow a schedule (i.e. campsite reservations) to dictate your trip. We traveled these routes ourselves in peak season last summer and, although I admit there were more challenges than in other southwestern states, we found solutions to most of them and, once again, documented some excellent scenic campsites.

Just Released: the French Version of the Frugal Shunpiker's Guide, California Boondocking: Desert and East Sierra

Rachel worked extra hard to translate the fifth guide in the series, "Boondocking en Californie : le désert et la Sierra de l´est" in record time and we released it last week. She is now busy with the California Mountains and Coast e-book and expects to complete that translation by September.

Special Loyalty Discounts

Once again, I sent special coupon codes for a $7.00 discount on a purchase of the above guides to anyone who had previously purchased any three of my guides. And once again, I received several "email address is no longer valid" notices. If you missed out on the discount because you have changed your email address, please contact me with your updated email information. Even if you're not interested in any more guides, I'll need a current email address to send you any future updates (free) of the guides you already own.

Last Call for Founding Memberships in Boondockers Welcome

As announced in my last newsletter, in April we launched Only three months later, we have more than 400 hosts offering free RV boondocking locations across North America. In that time we've also added some enhancements to the site's functionality. One feature we added is the ability to search for a boondocking location based on certain criteria like the length of parking space you need, whether pets are welcome, or (an important one in this heat) whether generators are permitted. You can also search for any word mentioned in the profiles of fellow members, for instance, "guitar" or "solar panels" to locate fellow members who share your interest. We are pleased to hear reports from BDW members who are enjoying their summer travels with the extra benefits of free camping and some added hospitality thrown in.

At this rate, we'll soon reach our target number for free founding memberships. (Free for life for those who can provide a boondocking location on their property or two years free for members who cannot). This is last call! Join now to take advantage of this start-up offer!

Frugal Finds:

Western Slope No-Fee Coalition You should browse this web site before you automatically pay the posted fees for public land access. Those fees may be imposed illegally and you don't have to pay them! The actions of this dedicated group have spread from its Colorado roots and won significant victories eliminating unfair and illegal fee demonstration programs across the country. In some cases, signs requesting the fees have not been updated or removed. The site tells you how to identify illegal fees and what to do if you don't want to pay them. I applaud the coalition! If you use public lands, why not take a moment to stop by the site and thank them for their efforts.

Interstate Rest Areas From this site you can download publications that list Interstate locations of rest areas, dump stations, Walmart, Target, and Cracker Barrel stores, truck stops, and so much more - all information most RVers want and need. Best of all - the price of each download is reasonable: from $1.99 to $2.99.

Inspiring People:

New favorites on my blogroll include:

The Blonde Coyote: Mary is traveling the backroads from New Mexico to Alaska with a teardrop trailer. She's an amazing photographer!

Rolling in a RV - Wheelchair Traveling: Karen and Tony are full-timers. Their blog site is extremely well-organized and has information about accessibility for people with physical limitations but it's also crammed full of helpful facts for all RVers -whether you need the accessibility information or not.

Cheap RV Living: Jim and Robin are following their own path - an unconventional one - the opposite of the mainstream! For more than two years they've been proving that cheap RV living is not only possible but fun!

Until next time, Randy and I wish you all happy and safe travels and hope your summer adventures are unfolding perfectly. Cheers!


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