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The Frugal RV Traveler Newsletter, Issue #010-Snowbird Special
November 01, 2013

So, I Signed Up for a Newsletter ... Now where is it?

You've got me. It's been 10 months since I sent the last one. Surely, there has been SOMETHING newsworthy to report in that time! I've actually had to reply to a couple of emails that said, "I signed up for a newsletter but haven't received one yet - are you sure I'm on your list?" So, where have I been hiding and more importantly, why? The answer is simple: I've just been too darn busy enjoying my wonderful life! It's really about all I manage to do well with any regularity!

Randy and I spent the first five months of this year traveling - our sixth long road trip since we started RVing 13 years ago. This time, we drove more than 12,600 miles over a five-month period. Our farthest destination was only 3,600 miles from home; however, we crisscrossed, detoured, and shunpiked so much that we piled an extra 5,000 miles onto the odometer. I guess that accounts for the high total in the fuel-expense column for this trip's expense sheet. Our camping costs, however, were as low as ever. In fact, they've hardly changed over 13 years of travel: in the entire five months we spent just $158.60. As usual, I kept track of every penny and have posted the recap online.

We spent January in Florida - a first for us. Florida is a difficult state for RVers on a budget so we always avoided it but now that we have Boondockers Welcome, that's all changed. We toured the southern part of the state for three weeks, and paid for camping only four nights. We enjoyed beautiful, warm weather, and made many new friends - it was a highlight of the trip!

Over the next four months, we retraced familiar routes, adding many new stops we had learned about - sometimes from your recommendations! Thank you! It had been a while since we had been to some of the places listed in the Frugal Shunpiker's Guides for Southern Texas, Arizona, and Southern Utah. This was the year to revisit every location in those guides and review, revise, and update them. By the time we got home in June, I had enough notes to keep me sitting at my laptop all summer! Oh yeah - like THAT's where I want to be on a summer's day in Ontario! A newsletter = another day at my desk so....well, I'm sure you get the drift.

Two Unpleasant Surprises

Our summer at home was full of surprises - not all of them were the good kind. Among them, we found out that our vehicle insurance is not valid if we're out of the province for anything over six months at a time - something we've done a couple of times now - oops.....who reads that small print? If you are Canadian, you need to know this. If you're American, your policy may contain similar restrictions.

A second unpleasant discovery was that many vehicle warranties are not honored across the Canada/USA border. Chrysler Dodge is one - even though (or so we have been told) they lost a class action lawsuit over this several years ago.

New, Totally Updated and Revised: The Frugal Shunpikers Guides for Boondocking in Southern Texas, Arizona, and Southern Utah

It's with great pleasure and a sigh of relief that I can say: They're done! These three guides are now totally updated and available on my web site. Thanks to Rachel Berryman, my expert French translator, the French versions of the guides were not far behind. They are now also completed revised and updated.

Have you Recieved your Free Updated Guides?

Once you've purchased an e-book guide from me, you should never have to pay again. As I finished each update, I sent it out to everyone who bought the original version. Which reminds me - there were several bounce-backs - so, if you bought one of these three guides (Southern Texas, Arizona, and Southern Utah) and have not received your update, I must not have your current email address. Please contact me. I'll need the name you purchased them under as well as the old email address so I can verify your original purchase.

Heading South? Do you Park Overnight at Walmart or Truck Stops?

Why not try something new this year? As I mentioned, came in handy on our trip but, since that site is my "other baby", I don't expect you to take my word for it. A lot of members have now used the service at least once or twice on their travels. This unsolicited note, which we received just this week, sums it up better than I ever could:

Hi! We have been on the road for 3 months and have 9 more to go. We are traveling from Seattle, have gone across the northern US, the Maritime Provinces and are now heading back down into the US for the rest of our time. We have used Boondockers Welcome about a dozen times and have had excellent experiences each time! People are friendly, knowledgeable, and will help you navigate their community. We have helped people with projects, shared meals, run errands, borrowed equipment and made friends that we hope to see again. I recommend Boondockers to everyone I talk to who says "I've always dreamed of doing a trip like you are doing!" Boondockers makes it easy and fun!
- Jill and Thayer, Washington State

There are now more than 750 host locations across Canada and U.S.A. That's 750 safe, legal, overnight RV parking spots at the homes of RVers just like yourself.

Snowbird Special: Free 1-Year Boondockers Welcome Membership

If you've been thinking of joining Boondockers Welcome but procrastinating, this is a good month to do it. By offering a location, you can join now and try it out with no risk - your first year is free! If you're heading south, you may not be able to host anyone until you return next spring but that's okay! Join now, list your location and mark your availability as a host for some time next year. By staying with other hosts on your winter travels, you'll have a chance to check things out from a guest's perspective first. If you should decide it's not for you, you can simply delete your listing at any time. Use the site all winter or just a few times on your way south and back home again, then update your availability when you get home. Of course we're hoping you love the experience and will feel comfortable welcoming fellow members to your property next summer.

To join now for free, use this coupon code: FRUGALRVPROMO (This Snowbird Special expires Nov 30, 2013.) There's no obligation to renew after your free year ends. You must be able to offer a location. If you cannot, you can save 10% on a membership using this code: 10PERCENTOFF

Frugal Finds:

Bring Fido: For all you pet lovers - Find pet-friendly campgrounds worldwide and know, in advance, whether they charge additional pet-fees.

RV Golf Club: Play your way across the country. This site links RVers with golf clubs who offer free overnight RV parking. The membership fee is a bit steep but easily recouped if you're a golfer. On top of free camping, members are offered discounted green fees.

Workamping Jobs: We know many full timers who stop for a few months to pad the bank account before they continue traveling. This free site is a great resource for finding workamping opportunities. Search by state, season, or by most recently added. An alternative is Workamper News which, however, requires an annual membership fee.

Inspiring People:

New favorites on my blogroll include:

In the Direction of our Dreams: Sherry and David retired early when the great recession hit to hike and kayak all the country's National Parks and National Wildlife Refuges.

Life's Little Adventures: Jim and Gayle packed up in 2008 and have been traveling full-time since then in their Lazy Daze RV. I must admit that one of the reasons I like following them is to see familiar scenery - they like boondocking and end up in many of the same locations we do.

Lively RV: When Don and Misty Lively hit the road to travel fulltime with their SIX kids in tow, friends and family thought they'd last three to six months. They've proved them all wrong and, 18 months later, are still going strong.

Me and my Dog and my RV: Barbara can handle a wrench and a new computer program with equal ease - valuable assets for her lifestyle which includes lots of boondocking. She's been traveling full-time with her dog, Katie, since 2011.

See You Down the Road

Or here, on our property in Ontario, Canada where boondockers are always welcome!


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