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The Frugal RV Traveler Newsletter, Issue #015 -The Connected Road
March 03, 2018

Join us at RVillage Rally One - The Connected Road

If you've ever wondered what a typical RV rally is like, you can attend the RVillage Rally in Elkhart, Indiana, May 17 to 21. And still not know!

While most rallies concentrate on the machine (the RV), this one promises to center on the RVer: meeting old and new friends, social events, campfires, and entertainment. Seminars and educational sessions are also offered, but the emphasis is on fun - four full days of it!

Each rally participant chooses a village to join. Choose Boondockers Village and, appropirately, Boondockers Welcome will be your hosts!

Whether boondocking is your preferred style of camping or you want to learn the ins and outs of how to do it, this is the right village for you. The best part is you don't have to boondock at the rally; you can be camped in a site with electric and water hookups and still be in Boondockers Village!

Check it out. And use coupon code EARLY10RALLY1 to save 10% (valid until Mar 10).

Would You Rent Your RV to a Stranger?

What about to family or friends? That idea is less scary than it used to be.

Now several trusted private RV rental web sites match renters with RV owners across North America and the process is both simple and secure. Applicants are screened, appropriate insurance is arranged, damage deposits are held, and the web site handles all the details. It's a win-win situation with advantages for both renter and owner.

Updates for Frugal Shunpiker's Guides

Fully revisied and updated versions of my My California Desert and my Arizona Boondocking Guides are now available. I have sent the updated files to all who had previoulsy purchased them. I sent the CA guide last October and the AZ guide in January. If your email changed since your purchase or you somehow did not receive your free update, please let me know.

The French versions should be ready soon. Rachel is working hard on translating them now.

What's New at Boondockers Welcome?


We launched a new version of the web site and now hosts no longer pay to join! As a result, we already added more than 200 hosts in the past two months. Hosts now earn free guest privileges with every guest who visits them, which they can bank until they're ready to use them. We continue to welcome all RVers - whether they have property where they can host or not. The new site has many other changes to significantly improve the experience for both hosts and guests. If you've not been on the web site lately, prepare to be amazed.

There are hosts in locations where you'll be hard pressed to find any other type of free camping. Eg: within easy driving distance of New York City, NY; Phoenix, AZ; Branson, MO, and Las Vegas NV. A full 1/3 of our hosts say they can accommodate an RV 40 feet or longer and about 80% of hosts offer the option for electric and water.

Whether or not you can join us at the RVillage Rally, please join the more than 90,000 RVers who already connect regularly on - It's THE online social hub for RVers. And it's totally free!

Wishing you safe travels and amazing adventures!


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