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The Frugal RV Traveler Newsletter, Issue #018 - Don't miss "The RVers"
November 08, 2019

Millions of RVers will be watching this. Will you?

The RVers - a new TV documentary series

Whether you're an experienced RVer or still contemplating becoming one, you'll want to watch The RVers. The new TV series will premier on Sunday Nov 17 on Discovery Channel as well as later in the week on PBS. And, a bit later still, in Canada on Wild TV.

This is not a reality-style show at all. No false drama. (I hate that stuff!) I'm sure you're gonna love it. I know because I actually got to preview the whole first episode.

The focus of the show is good, useful information and a true depiction of the RV lifestyle – in a dignified, educational, and entertaining way. It will cover every kind of RV from the tiniest teardrops to the biggest fifth-wheels, and from the coolest camper vans to most luxurious motorhomes.

Don't have those TV channels? Or don't have cable TV at all? Not to worry - our friends at Technomadia have figured out all the ways you can still watch it. After all, you won't want to be the only one left out when others are all talking about the latest episode around campfires this winter!

French Versions of my guides

I know many of our French Canadian readers have been waiting for this announcement.

The latest edition of both my Texas and Utah Frugal Shunpiker's guides for boondocking are now available in French. If you've been waiting for this, thanks for your patience.

If you purchased the French version of these guides at any time in the past, you should have received your free updates for them already. I have sent them to the email address you used when you made your purchase. If you missed that email, please contact me so I can resend it.

A huge thank you, once again, to Rachel Berryman for her expert translation skills and her continued dedication to this effort that allows me to offer these guides in both the official languages of Canada.

Frugal Finds

We crossed a big item off our bucket list recently! Randy and I spent months traveling through Newfoundland. One of the most beautiful places we've ever RVed. Check my blog for photos and descriptions.

This was our first opportunity to use an app that a Boondockers Welcome Boondockers Welcome guest who stayed us with last summer had introduced us to - Maps Me. What a neat free app. It lets you add mobile offline maps of more than 50 countries around the world, and then navigate using those maps without access to the internet. We found it was often more accurate than the Garmin GPS we relied on for previous trips.

Are you heading south this winter? We are. Not until after New Years, but we already have snow so January can't come soon enough!

No matter which direction you're heading, this web site has all you need to know about USA-Canada border crossings. Wait times, traffic and road conditions for the busiest border crossings, the current regulations, duties, restrictions, firearms, pets, and much more.

Are you still in the planning stages of becoming an RVer? Want advice on what type of RV to buy? Join the RV advice facebook group (moderated by the folks at to ask your questions and get unbiased answers from experienced RVers who are happy to help.

Inspiring People

Peter and Liz have been criss-crossing the country for several years by volunteering at various state parks. Follow them at Pilgramage to Here

Like many others Justin and Stacy are living the full time RV life and writing about it but it has a unique twist. Look for posts in their "Off the Beaten Path" series where each post includes a free camping/boondocking location complete directions and gps coordinates. They blog at Opting Out of Normal

And finally, a reader wrote in to suggest this blogger, although he's not always traveling by RV. Aowanders has been traveling the globe since 1998, and offers lots of advice, including a list of 83 ways he has paid for his travels over all these years.

Whatever your winter plans, we wish you a happy holiday season, amazing camping, safe travels, and fun new adventures!


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