A Transmission Repair
In Tucson, Arizona

A Positive Experience

Driving an older RV, now and then, we need a repair while on the road. A transmission repair in Tucson, Arizona, was just one of several positive repair experiences we've had on our travels.

Are you concerned about leaving on a long trip with an older RV?

If you're concerned about leaving on a long trip with an older RV, perhaps our experience will help to put your mind at ease.

Although, of course, as could be expected, we've had some repairs on our many trips, the only large repair was a transmission overhaul that was done in 2006 by Herman's Automatic Transmission in Tucson, Arizona.

When traveling, it's difficult to know who to turn to when you need a repair. This example will show you that:

To get the best service at the best price, whenever possible you should seek out a small privately owned shop for your repairs.

This page is not an advertisement for Herman's Automatic Transmission. Just an unsolicited testimonial of how a small privately owned shop can give an RV traveler the extra consideration that we sometimes require, because often our vehicle is also our home.

Although we've had similar experiences in small shops around the country, our transmission repair in Tucson is the best example of customer service far beyond the ordinary.

Although they were busy, with several other jobs lined up, Herman Roush and his assistant, Rick Carter took us in immediately. And although the job ended up becoming a big one ... a total transmission overhaul was necessary ... they tried several other cheaper and easier fixes first; trying everything they could to save us money.

The process took more than a day, so at night our RV was pushed out of the shop into the secured and gated yard. To save us the expense of a motel, we could spend the night in our RV and in the mornings we were invited in for coffee with the boys while they discussed the progress of the job.

Throughout every step of the repair we were consulted and informed. We quickly realized that Herman and Rick certainly are professionals and excellent in their field. I don't know of any time we've ever parted with our money with greater pleasure.

Have you ever seen a transmission overhaul?

There are literally hundreds of small pieces. The transmission is taken apart and all the pieces have to be checked and put back together just right. Of course all transmissions are a little different too, so it must be like putting together a 1000 piece jig-saw puzzle every time. By seeing the process, we have a lot of respect for the technical knowledge involved.

Me with Herman and Rick

Me with Herman and Rick

If you're in need of a transmission repair in Tuscon, or just need an honest opinion, look up Herman's. They're located at 1022 E. Calle Antonia in Tucson. Phone number: 520-294-8717

By the way, our RV has never run better since our transmission repair, which is now more than 2 years ago. In fact, we're convinced we've added years to the life of our vehicle.

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