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Think You Can't Afford To Travel South This Winter?

Maybe you can!

With lower fuel costs this winter, Americans will find it even cheaper to travel south than last year. For Canadians, the lower price at the pumps offsets the drop in the Canadian dollar, keeping travel costs this winter in line with last year.

Because of the slowing economy I'm sure those of us who travel this winter will enjoy other benefits as well:

  • Undoubtedly discounts, perks, and incentives will be offered at many tourist venues.

  • It'll be easier to get reservations or they won't be required.

  • Less travellers means we'll enjoy less traffic and smaller crowds at the most popular parks and tourist destinations.

Randy and I spent all of last winter (5 months) in the southwest. Here is the exact breakdown of what we saw and how much we spent.

And here are some of the photos and blog entries all from that same trip:

Trip from Ontario to Texas
Texas Beaches
Texas Hill Country
Fun in San Antonio
Stillwell Ranch
White Sands and Chiricahua National Monuments
More Arizona
Belle Starr's Silverado Ranch
Escalante National Monument
New Mexico

We saw all that and much more in 5 months on very little money.

If we can do it, so can you!

So pull out your maps of the American Southwest and sharpen your pencil. Maybe you CAN afford to travel to the sunny southern states this winter, after all!

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