Used RV Questions - Questions You Need To Ask if You're Buying A Used RV

Create your own list of Used RV Questions using this list as a guideline. Before calling the seller, have your list in front of you.

Tell the seller you want to be sure you remember what he tells you so you will be jotting down (or recording) his answers, and then be sure to do so. (Sort of the same idea as "this call will be recorded for security purposes" - which really means - "if you change your story later, we'll both know it.")

  1. Are you the registered owner of the RV? If not, why are you the spokesperson? And are you the one who can accept an offer?

  2. Is the title clear of any notations, eg: rebuilt or salvage? (If so, no need to go any further. Don't buy a vehicle that doesn't have a clean history.)

  3. Are there any leans or outstanding debts on the vehicle? (Let the seller know you will, of course, need to check with the department of transport that it is.)

  4. How long have you owned it?

  5. Why are you selling?

  6. How many miles are on it - what is the odometer reading?

  7. What miles per gallon do you get - highway and city?

  8. How has it been stored?

  9. How often and recently has it been used?

  10. What long trips has it been on? When? Where?

  11. How often do you drive it on average when not on a trip? (It's not good for a vehicle to sit for long periods especially outdoors.)

  12. Who does the regular maintenance on the vehicle?

  13. How often have you changed the oil? Rotated the tires?

  14. How old are the tires? The battery?

  15. What is the vehicle's history - previous owners?

  16. Has it ever been in an accident?

  17. Has it ever had any body work? If so, why, how much, when, and where on the vehicle?

  18. What mechanical parts have been replaced or repaired?

  19. Can you provide written records of repairs?

  20. What problems exisit mechanically?

  21. What is the true condition of mechanics, body, interior, and camper equipment?

  22. If there are any areas of previous body work, damage, or concern, ask for pictures to be emailed to you, showing the situation realistically.

  23. Tell the owner you will be doing a thorough inspection when you arrive so please have all the camperized aspects operational at that time. (Batteries charged, water and propane in the tanks, and the fridge turned on for at least three hours.)

These 'used RV questions' are your starting point. If you are still interested after hearing the answers - make an appointment for your personal inspection.

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