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I'm Shocked to Find This Out About Vehicle Insurance

I want to pass on something that, until yesterday, was news to me. I thank Rick and Ellen Yarker for bringing this matter to my attention via a letter published in the Ontario based magazine, The RV Gazette (Sept/Oct 2013).

In Ontario, Canada, no vehicle insurance policy covers you for more than six consecutive months while out of province.

I called my broker (at Wayfarer Insurance) who confirmed this to be true. Indeed, it's legislated in Ontario and applies to all vehicle insurance policies, regardless of the underwriter. Ontario is likely not the only province or state with such a restriction. Even if not legislated, your policy may include it.

The wording is in the fine print of the policy. If it says "six CONSECUTIVE months", as long as you and your vehicle return to Ontario for a day (be sure you can prove it) you can then leave again for another consecutive six months. (Your Ontario health insurance is valid while out of province for up to seven months - but that's a different matter.) It should also be noted that some policies may be more restrictive, requiring your vehicle to be in Ontario for six out of every twelve months (no coming back for just a day to reset the clock).

I, for one, was shocked. Thirteen years ago we traveled by RV for a full year: Unknown to us, we were driving without coverage for the last six months. Two years ago we were gone for exactly six months - to the day. It was only by chance that we didn't choose a later return date.

At the moment, I haven't researched what the regulations are in other provinces or US states. For all I know, some may not allow as many months. It's definitely something that's not widely known and travelers (especially full time RVers) need to be aware of. I'd love to hear from those with vehicles registered in other states and provinces. Please comment below.

Whether traveling by RV or automobile, I urge everyone to read the fine print of your policy and consult your insurance provider before planning any extended trip.

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