From White Sands to Chiricahua

We've been doing exactly what we came here to do...

Exploring lots of new territory, visiting some of our favorite spots (like White Sands and Chiicahua National Montuments), meeting wonderful people, and creating many memories and stories to be shared.

Although I kept a ton of notes, I didn't get to the computer very often. There's just something about being out in nature that completely drowns out the call to sit in front of a computer screen. As a result, I've got a bit of catching up to do.

So, this morning, although it's a beautiful sunny 75 degrees here in Tucson, Arizona, I'm going to sit here until I've given you, at least, a brief update.

On Feb 21st we left Texas and spent the next 3 weeks in Southern New Mexico. We've not done a lot of travel in New Mexico before and plan to make it the focus of a lot of this trip.

The southern destinations we visited offer great weather at this time of year, but we'll wait until late April and May to visit the higher altitudes in the northern part of the state.

Carlsbad Canyons National Park, White Sands National Monument and Gila National Monument are some of the parks we just spent time in and thoroughly enjoyed. We also found some wonderful camping and hiking around Las Cruces and in the Gila Wilderness areas, and even soaked in a few of the many natural hot springs to be found in New Mexico.

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

Looks like snow, but much better.
Hiking the amazing dunes at White Sands National Monument.

One of several natural hot springs we've found

One of several natural hot springs we've enjoyed.

We've now moved into Arizona where, once again, we've found new areas to explore. We revisited another favorite park; Chiricahua National Monument, and found some great free hot springs locations in this state as well.

Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona

Chiricahua National Monument

We spent a day with the most wonderful 81 year old woman, Belle Starr, who welcomes RVers to stay on her ranch in exchange for a donation or for some help with her chores. Watch for more about Belle on this site as I plan to dedicate an entire web page to her in the near future.

We even got up before dawn (I assure you, that's not something we do very often) to watch a flock (we figured that there were over 1000) of migrating sandhill cranes taking off from their night's resting area. What a site to see!

Most of the past month was spent in wilderness locations, so now a stop in Tucson, where we're visiting with friends ... people who we met here on our last trip ... is a welcome change.

An evening at camp

Yes folks, from white sands to rocky spires to free hot springs, one adventure to the next, this is really how we live!

Number of days on the road to date: 82
Camping costs to date: $61.00

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