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A Newbie but Loving it

Moses Lake Washington

Moses Lake Washington

Last July (2011) I decided I was tired and chose to retire again. (I had retired in 2005 but got bored) so I purchased an old (1984) 26-foot class A.

I flew from home in Alaska to Missouri to pick up RV and 27 states later (13,000) miles I came back home for Thanksgiving and my youngest graddaughter's 1st birthday.

It began as most I assume with visiting family and friends then I bought a Jeep to tow and the adventure began. In all that time I stayed in an RV campground once (can't remember why) but mainly either roadside rest areas or out in the woods/desert.

I had a blast, and am anxiously waiting for Feb when I will head south to Montana for second youngest graddaughter's 3rd birthday and then Arizona where my RV awaits my return in my brother's yard.

Gonna do the eastern half of the country this year. Drive from Arizona to Maine then crisscross hitting every state. Being retired, my budget is limited and 7 mpg means I travel what I can, and explore in the Jeep in between.

I have a blog which is about my travels but written through the eyes of Jimmy.

If you've ever seen the Travelocity commercial with the traveling Gnome you'll understand Jimmy. He is an 18" plaster elf given to me by my oldest gradddaughter when I began. It came with instructions that I was to take pictures of him on my travels and that he was my companion.

Thanks for letting me post, I truly enjoyed my first road trip and am looking forward to the second.

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