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Abduction by UFO at Boondocking Campsite

by Rattlesnake Joe
(Southern Arizona)

Hi. Is it not better to camp with others than alone? Suppose a flying saucer spotted me out on the vast deserted desert. What would stop them from beaming me up to the mother ship, putting an implant inside my body, and tracking me everywhere I went.

Now, a side-by-side RV campground would afford protection from this. They might abduct someone else instead of me. They might just fly somewhere else, someplace not so crowded. We all know that they don't like to be seen. That's why they abduct most people at night or early in the morning.

Is there a UFO alarm system that I can buy at Camping World? Or maybe a dog would do it? But if they can put people to sleep when abducting them, they can probably do the same with a dog. If I sleep with a shooting iron under my pillow, what good would that do if they put me to sleep?

Does the US Government protect us from Alien Abduction? I don't think so. The government can't even protect us from 911 incidents. So I ask you, what is a camper to do?

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Aug 13, 2013
by: Anonymous

I think they already abducted you. Have a close friend or loved one to check for evidence of probing.

Jan 08, 2011
Real UFO pictures with jets chasing it
by: Anonymous

I just came by some really cool pictures of a craft that was captured on film recently here.

May 20, 2010
by: WayneWalker

As a certified SCUBA diver I can tell you we always practice the "buddy system" we were taught that this was for safety reasons, but all divers know that, if attacked by a shark, there's a 50% chance it will eat your buddy and not you... ;-)

Apr 10, 2010
Prevention Pleases People
by: wil

"Be prepared" was the Boy Scouts' motto when I was a yougster (then again, the merit badges involved starting a fire by rubbing two dinosaurs together). Just wear your tin foil hat when you sleep. They won't be able to get you with anything worse than an anal probe. Who knows ... that might be fun!

Also, hang tin pie plates on string from the ceiling in the bedroom of your rig and throw a handful of kid's jacks on the rug. Just don't plan on visiting the head while half asleep.

Of course, there's lots of folks who will tell you that prayer is the answer. Can't hurt...

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