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Add 2nd Battery to Truck

by IAN

If you add a second battery to your truck (aux), you can run your RV directly from that battery. Every time you drive, you are recharging your battery. No more switching batteries! Run a cable from the truck to the RV. Use a battery isolator so as not to overload the alternator.

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Sep 03, 2015
Cheap RV site
by: Anonymous

Bob Wells' site is and he really has a lot of good info over there!

Mar 07, 2011
2nd Battery
by: Anonymous

This is really good idea. Most RVs today have this feature as do several of the pull-behind trailers; however, if you have a slide-in truck camper or an older pull-behind they may not.

I found another web site,CheapRV (I think) by Bob Wells. (No, not Bob Wills, who is an older country singer.) Anyway, he primarily teaches people how to live in a van. One part of this is how to build your own RV WITH electicity. He explains what type of batteries to use & shows you wiring diagrams. The best part is he speaks clear English so anyone can understand.

Between three websites I am not quite so afraid to attempt RVing full time. These are #1 Frugal-RV-Travel (they were my first contact & the most helpful) #2 is the Cheap RV site & finally #3 is Workcampers. Hope this helps someone else.

Jay in Wisconsin

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