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by Max

I see that you are a professional in this niche, so, may I ask you do a favor for me?

Could you help me place some ads of my spyphonemax on your site?

It will be great if I could suggest some guest posts or banner ads, if it's possible - answer me here, please!

p.s. I will pay for your help good money, I really love your site. Thank you!

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May 22, 2015
by: Marianne

Although I'll allow the link in your message, I am not interested in being paid for ads nor do I want any more ads on my site or blog. My readers look to me for guidance and my opinions represent my experience, not something I'm being paid for. The only ads there now are clearly identified as google ads. They are posted by google who gears them to the reader's interests and pay me a few pennies per click.

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