Almost like an RV (a 4WD is close enough? Certainly an adventure!)

by Arvis

Ever been in Iceland? It is excellent for those who love nature, spectacular view and human-free environment that is wild, magnificent, beautiful, untouched, unspoiled.

I will add images to this entry, so you can see what a great place this land is!

Ever seen "The Vikings"? We went to the same places where Floki was when he first discovered Iceland!

A 4 WD is the best option for Iceland, I admit, an RV would be much comfier, but we could not have reached the placed we wanted to visit in an RV.

We went up in the hills, crossing mountain passes on a muddy, narrow road, bearly enough space for one car, and still - cars going in the opposite directions making it exciting.

On one side there is a 300 feet drop in a canon, on the other hand - a wall in the same hight. The clouds are moving in, and soon we are not able to see anything but the front of our car.

Hilly roads, full with muds, steep drops, and steeper ramps.

An RV would not endure all that. So we got a big 4WD which we intended to use as an RV.

My wife and I are not seasoned RV travelers or campers, but we enjoy wildlife. We both work in an academic publishing house, and I am writing a coffee blog on the side.

So the Icelandic trip was something new for us - so many days in a car.

We tried to prepare our best.

Bought most of the equipment before going to Iceland, we could not bring things like a gas balloon for cooking, bigger knives and so on, the rest we rented in Reykjavik - the capital of Iceland.

One thing we forgot was inflatable mats. The first night we spent parked in a gas station around 60 miles outside of Iceland. After the first night we discussed whether we should go back to rent the mats, too, as the nights' sleep was not good - the car floor was hard, and our sleeping bags and blankets were not enough. We made a mistake of thinking - we will get used to it. During the whole journey we suffered, don't make the same mistake, if something is not good - do something about it as with more time the problems only gets worst.

Other than that - we were well prepared. Our gas burner provided us with great coffee and tea anytime we wanted to stop for a while. With that, we also cooked our dinner when we were not staying in a guest house (which was most of the time).

Sometimes we would wander around in our cars for a couple of hours, just looking for a perfect spot to park overnight.

There are only a few places where you can park overnight in Iceland, mostly it is forbidden to stay overnight in the wild. We tried to be as careful as ever to preserve nature.

But the feeling is so good - such wilderness and none else around.

I will add some images from places we went to, some of them were so magical!

During the day we traveled a lot, covering 500 miles a day was standard. Driving 200 miles the opposite direction just because we noticed a great looking hot spring pool was not madness; it was also a necessity. We had to see it all.

Before the trip, we were joking what would it do to our relationship - staying so close for such a long time. But that was not a problem. The invasion of personal space was helpful - we learned to do a lot of things together. And find time for ourselves when we needed a break.

The last day I was happy to give back the rental and get in the plane to fly back home, it was tyresome to be behind the wheel all this time. But it was also an epic journey into the wild.

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May 09, 2019
any tips?
by: Anonymous

nice, you have any tips? ill go there this fall.

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