Any RV'ers going down to California

by Dawn

I'm planning on driving down to California ( Huntington Beach) and looking for someone else going down as I'm nervous going down alone. I'm in the Fraser Valley area. Vancouver B.C. Canada.......Dawn

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Oct 02, 2016
by: Dawn

Thank-you so much for the info.I will check it out.

Oct 02, 2016
More than one group in RVillage
by: Marianne

I just realized there's more than one group in RVillage dedicated to finding travel partners. The one that's headed by "Franny" from BC has a small following. The more popular one is called Caravan Connection. On the RVillage site, you can "browse groups" to find it.
I hope it works for you.

Oct 02, 2016
Travel buddy web site?
by: Marianne

Hi Dawn,

There's a group on specifically for finding fellow RVers who are going in the same directions to "caravan" with. In fact, I see the group organizer is in Victoria BC. Why don't you join RVillage (it's free) and post something there?

You might also try posting your request on the IRV2 forums.

I wish there was an actual travel-buddy coordinating web site. Maybe someone knows of one or should start one up?

Good luck.

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