Any View In Bryce Canyon Is Amazing

by Bill Smith-Anderson
(Flint MI)

I don't think I will ever get tired or hiking into Bryce Canyon. Or of just seeing it from the rim for that matter.

Hiking down into the "canyon" is fairly easy. (Technically, it's not really a canyon.) Take your time, choose a day when it's not too hot, and most hikers will find they can accomplish it. The only real challenge is at the end when you have to hike back out, so save some energy for that climb, and like I said, take your time.

It doesn't matter what trails you follow while you're down there... Queen's Garden, Navajo Loop... All of them meet up and let you explore but there's one trail that allows horses (Peek-a-boo Loop) which we prefer to avoid.

Of all the parks and natural wonders I've seen around the world, (a lot) this one takes the cake for me. I've been to Bryce 3 times, and I HAVE to go back again...soon. Once you've seen it,I think you'll hear it calling you back again too.

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