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Q. If you have no one to take care of your mail, how do you arrange to have it delivered -- mail such as bills, etc. The postal service will hold it for only a month, and if you're traveling from place to place, there's no way to have it delivered. Is there?

Marianne's Reply: You can use a mail forwarding service that is offered through many RV Clubs.

Escapees RV Club has an excellent and very personalized service for about $100.00 per year for club members.(Annual membership is $80.00)

If you're not an Escapees member, American Home Base offers an alternative. Their monthly rates could spell savings.

With these options you can have them hold your mail until your return or tell them where to forward it, although the locations can change as you travel. (Have it sent to a campground or general delivery at a post office but you need to know where you're heading and approximately when you'll be there.)

If you are constantly on the move, (like we are) My RV Mail offers a mail service where they open your mail, scan it, and then email it to you. It's a little more expensive but you can sign up 3 or 6 months at a time instead of a year and Passport America members get a discount.

The best and cheapest option is to have a friend, relative, or neighbor handle your mail. Choose someone who you can trust (why not offer to pay them) to pick up, open it, and call or email you if there's anything that needs to be dealt with.

Before you travel, try to eliminate as much mail as you can. You mention bills - Almost all bills can be paid either by automatic pre-authorized debit or on-line these days.

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Dec 18, 2010
Mail Boxes
by: Anonymous

The store MAIL BOXES will send you your mail if you have a box with them and call in with an address and date to be sent information. They will charge it to your credit card and send you an itemized bill.

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