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Biggest dangers,as far as I am concerned

by Dolan Ellis

I have Boondocked for decades...many times with my dog. Occasionally, by myself. Though I have had a moment or two, like you and Randy, where I thought that I might have been threatened by an intruder and it turned out that it was no threat at all, I have never had a problem.

To me, the greater threat in Boondocking, is simply the fact that you are in the wild, where from time to time natural dangers present themselves and must be dealt with on your own. Storms, wind, lightning strikes, flash flooding, bears, rattlesnakes, scorpions, mountain lions, rabid skunks and squirrels, accidents with axes, knives, and burns, are all more likely to present a serious problem than that of human violence. Human violence is way, way down at the bottom of the list of possibilities.

My advice to people considering becoming a Boondocker would be this... "Even though the possibility of danger from human violence is very, very remote, if you are a person who is paranoid, or if you are a person who is not aggressive enough to instinctively respond with force to the remote possibility of bodily threat, you might not want to become a Boondocker".

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Jul 02, 2020
Be Prepared!
by: Wendy

I worry more about wildlife issues than intruders myself - but the best answer to that is to learn about what lives in the areas you plan to visit, and how to best protect yourself from them. That won’t solve every situation, but it will to a long ways to protecting yourself.

The other concern I have is what if I’m injured if I decide to hike around a bit, and can’t walk?

I have always opted to *not* do that when traveling alone because of multiple safety concerns, but it seems like a natural thing to do if camped for a while in a beautiful spot.

Aug 19, 2014
Well Said!
by: Marianne

And, if someone is afraid of all the dangers and possible accidents you mention, maybe they shouldn't venture out into nature in the first place.

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