Boondock Cookies

by Audrey

I've been on the road since June of 2008. Gradually less campgrounds and more boondocking. I like my privacy and try to park as far from other RVs as I can.

As a single female RVer I came up with a trick that has worked for me. I make a big batch of homemade cookies and only partly bake them. Then I freeze them - six to a package. When I arrive at a new boondock location, before I begin to set up camp, out come the cookies, into the oven for 5 minutes, and I bring a plate of fresh homemade cookies to my closest RV neighbor within 10 or 15 minutes of my arrival.

They're usually astounded at how fast I could do this and that's where the conversation starts. If they were wondering why I'm approaching them, seeing the plate of cookies has already put them at ease.

I'm able to meet my neighbors and quickly size them up. I always have a story prepared so that if something doesn't feel quite right, I will tell them that I've only stopped to have a snack and check this place out for another time but I can't stay tonight because I have to move on to meet up with a friend. I've not had a reason to use that story yet.

I'm usually pretty comfortable asking if we could keep an eye out for each other after we chat for a bit. Sometimes I don't even tell them immediately that I'm traveling alone. They can figure that out for themselves.

I've made more friends with my "boondock cookies" than I have in the pay campgounds where I am a good neighbor but mostly keep to myself.

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Feb 15, 2015
Hi From Canada Again
by: Anonymous

HI Audrey,

Hope you are still having fun boondocking and baking!!

We have a new (to us) van since I wrote my other comment and are still trying to find time to travel. Thanks for your idea about baking. We will be trying that:)

Happy trails!!

-A Canadian RV'er

Jan 10, 2014
Great Strategy :)
by: Anonymous

Great strategy, and thanks for sharing:)

Your boondocking neighbours must feel at ease with you because of your wonderful cookies!

Hi from Canada!

Jun 30, 2011
by: Gypsy

Might be best to also say "we" instead of "I", that way whether your insticts about the other RVers are right or not, at least they don't get the impression you are alone (especially for a female).

Jan 26, 2009
by: Marianne

Mmmmm...cookies. You can come camp beside us anytime, Audrey!

A good point to remember is that many boondockers are out in the middle of nowhere for the quiet and privacy. So, when making contact, please try to respect that and keep it short and sweet. Watching out for each other doesn't mean daily chats and visits. You can probably accomplish what you want with just that one initial cookie drop-off and a beep of the horn to say "thanks" when you're leaving.

Thanks for sharing, Audrey. Making contact with your nearest neighbor is always a good boondocking safety strategy.

Happy Boondocking!

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