Boondocking in extreme heat

by Terry Upton
(Akron, OH)

Hi Marianne. Like you, we have a Roadtrek and, during this year's very hot summer, we were considering adding a generator, if just for the few times we end up camping without electricity.

After a long driving day, even when we were parked in the shade with cooler night air, we had a very hard time dumping enough heat for a comfortable sleep.

But then we discovered that opening all the doors wide for several hours, especially including the full-size back door, really helps a lot. In fact, we'd never buy a camper van now without a fully-opening back door.

We turn on the ceiling fan (blowing up and out) and prop the hood open to let the engine cool, too. As soon as the indoor temperature has dropped a few degrees, we alternate opening up various cupboard doors one at a time to let the heat out of all the places it has been trapped.

Some evenings we still stay up later than usual before closing doors, but there's no doubt that, when AC isn't an option, these steps help cool things down faster and better.

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Oct 04, 2020

by: Marianne

Great suggestion. We actually do that too so I totally agree.

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