Boondocking Laundry Help

by Donna Rammo
(Halifax NS Canada)

While boondocking in NZ for 5 months, we met a man who customized RVs.

One thing he added to units made us chuckle but was oh-so-sensible for long-term folks on the road. It was a swing-out arm on the bumper that supported an old washing machine wringer. Dripping wet clothes washed on the road are difficult to wring out or take ages to drip dry. When they are passed through the roller wringer, you can catch the water and reuse... plus clothes drying time is much reduced....and you meet lots of new folks who are curious about your unique adaptation!

Maybe the most unusual suggestion for your site!

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Jan 16, 2017
water extractor for smalls
by: Jon

For small pieces of clothing, hand washed in the sink or in bucket with plunger (or stirred with a long wooden spoon), use a salad spinner to extract excess water. Then hang on a small drying rack either outside or in the shower/tub.

It works great.

Jul 22, 2014
Boondocking Laundry Help
by: Anonymous

You could also use a rolling pin and a flat rock or picnic table.

Nov 20, 2009
Love this idea!
by: Roxi

I've been puzzling over the laundry situation, especially the wringing. Great suggestion.

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