Boondocking on Belle Starr's Silverado Ranch

by Rob Spectrum
(Akron, OH)

We are in AZ every winter and visited Belle Starr's Ranch near Douglas a couple of times. I just wanted to let you know that Belle died (I think a few years ago now) so you may wish to remove that information from your list. Her spunky character reminded us of what's needed to survive in "the old west" and the new. She will be missed by many.

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Jul 28, 2021
I knew Belle Starr.
by: anna gilbert

When I stayed at the ranch of Belle Starr. Belle was a very active 70 something year old lady that was very lonely for human friendship. She was a lady that claimed to be exactly as Belle Starr as rough and tough as the outlaw BELLE STARR. The only thing is that the Modern Day BELLE STARR was able to live many, many years longer and never got shot, [To my knowledge that is.]

I do remember one time the border patrol came on to the property and Belle was nearly arrest for pulling a pistol on the B.P. that was a scarey experience for my husband and myself. The B.P. always was flying over the horses and scaring them. Belle knew That if she was arrested I would take care of the stock. I cared about that lady, even though she got mad aT me and said I had to leave. Does any one know when Belle Starr Left this earth? I would like to know where she is buried as well.
thank you for reading this post, It brought memories back to me. signed a lost friend

May 02, 2021
Enjoyable times
by: Mike Thorogood

Hi ! We came across Belle Starr and the Silverado Ranch a few years ago. She was a character for sure. Ok the place was a scruffy, needed a helping hand. Would have loved to stay and sort out some stuff for her bit we were on a set schedule.
Whilst there we gave a hand with feeding the animals. Belle cared for them but needed help due to being in a wheelchair. We were saddened to hear that some people had not only taken advantage of her but also spread false accusations and lies about her. Those people will know who they are but they have no compassion or understanding of the day by day difficulties less able folk have to deal with. We will always remember our visit to Belle & Silverado.

Oct 18, 2020
Thank you
by: Marianne

Thanks for letting me know. I will update my website. You're right. I'm sure Starr will be remembered and missed by many.

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