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by Rudy
(Los Angeleds, CA)

You drove once. Thereon you bad mouth driving a RV to Costa Rica. You're right about not driving a RV to Costa Rica, if a person reads your misguided advice. For those not discouraged by your uninformed opinion, be advised that a single women in normal health can drive an RV to Costa Rica from San Diego, sleeping in a RV park each night, no night driving. Averaging 6 hour drives between RV parks.

Your advise is instrumental in discouraging some people not to drive their RVs to Costa Rica. For others, disregard the advice. You can safely and responsibly drive your RV to Costa Rica, and back.

I'm working on a web page called "Caravan To Costa Rica". It will be my suggestions to driving a RV from California to Costa Rica, and back. Alone. Free.

Or you can join a caravan of other RVs which departs Ensenada, B.C., Mexico, travels down the Baja Peninsula to La Paz, crosses Sea of Cortez by ferry to Mazatlan, on to Costa Rica. No night driving. Sleep at RV park/accommodations each night. Average 6 hours between RV parks. RV Caravan will have a wagon master (me), and a tail gunner who drives a RV to Costa Rica and back.

Oh yes. I have driven a vehicle to Costa Rica from California 3 times. I will again drive a route (set by me) to Costa Rica from California before caravan departs Ensenada in November 2019. You can send me your questions?

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