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Camp hosting

by Fran
(Lethbridge, AB)

Just about to retire and become a full timer. We are interested in camp hosting and wondered if a Canadian can do this in the US or is a working visa required?

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Oct 29, 2017
Retiring as snowbird
by: Dan in Ottawa

Thanks for posting this question ... I'm also retiring soon & may depend on boondocking or workcamping to make things possible.
I agree (but not 100% sure), if there's no exchange of money/salary/benefits/etc... then you're not an employee!! You're a volunteer and you get compensation (non-financial).

I suppose it also depends on the state and employer ...

Hope to meet up with other nomadic snowbirds next year !!!
Cheers all

Apr 18, 2015
Canadian Camp Hosting
by: Ray Van Tassell

I am a Canadian, however in order that I can perform hosting duties at a National Park, I had to provide proof of my Alient status. Just saying.

Mar 16, 2014
A Campgrounds Perspective
by: Teri B

We are an RV Park in South Texas and have had many camp hosts, including at least one from Canada. The law here says that if the person must live on the premises to perform their job, then providing that housing is not considered "income." I am a private family owned campground but we have looked into this law since we provide housing for several employees.

Feb 21, 2014
Information about camp hosting
by: Anonymous

There is a state park very close to my home where a very nice Canadian couple are the camp hosts. I relayed your question to them and this is what they told me. They have been camp hosting for the Division of Forestry at the same campgrounds for many, many years. Because they are not paid they did not need to have a work permit or papers to work in the US. However, laws change rapidly here in the states, so I would suggest contacting the branch of government that regulates the park that you are interested in just to be on the safe side.

Feb 15, 2014
Great Question!
by: jack

In exactly the same position myself. Thanks for asking. I will watch the response

Feb 15, 2014
Would Love to Hear from Those Who've Done it
by: Marianne (moderator)

That's an interesting question. I'm sure there are some legalities involved but wonder if they are sometimes overlooked. The issue is, of course, whether a free campsite is considered payment. I would suspect, by law, it probably is. That said, I think it will depend on the campground and whether it's publicly or privately funded.

In our travels over the years, we have met several Canadian couples serving as hosts. Once at a BLM free camping area where, I think all it really entitles them to is staying longer than the 14 days. Since camping there was free anyway, it can hardly be considered any type of monetary compensation.

We've also met Canadian volunteers at USA National Parks but I'm not sure whether they were strictly volunteering or being compensated in any way.

If there are any Canadians who have done or attempted it and can offer some insight, we'd love to hear from you.

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