Canadians boondocking in USA

by Gus Hunter

We have never had a problem but I'm now wondering whether our Saskatchewan license plate gives away that we are not likely carrying a gun.

We're very much against guns and certainly not worried about traveling without. This had never occurred to me until I read your recommendation about not displaying certain signs on the RV.

I'm considering finding USA plates or an image of one to slip over mine somehow when we're parked in a boondocking area. Wondering if anyone else has ever thought of doing it?

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Sep 27, 2020
Interesting idea
by: Marianne

Interesting. But you'll want to be certain you always remove the covers before pulling out or you could be asking for a whole different kind of trouble :-) If I were you I might check at the state level where you'll be boondocking whether fake plates aren't illegal even when parked.

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