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Canon 10x30 IS Binoculars

by Rattlesnake Joe
(Somewhere in the deserted desert)

Image Stabilized binoculars are WONDERFUL. I will never go back to regular binoculars.

Just press a button and the image that you are looking at is stabilized so you can observe the object without bouncing all over the place by the wind, your breathing, and your heart beat. It is so amazing that most people (when using mine) almost always say, "WOW this is so cool".

The down side is they are a bit pricey. But a good pair of regular binoculars is pricey too and you can't use a powerful pair without a brace of some kind. With IS binoculars you can even use them in a car while driving.

Cabela's sell them for just a little over $400 and I would pay twice that for mine, they are that good.

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