Choosing a boondock camp

by Pleinguy

I much prefer a camp in the boondocks to commercial or regular campground. Mainly for the privacy and scenery. But, I must admit I also use it to control expenses on my limited budget.

I'm not sure this has changed; but, it seems many now boondock in groups. Possibly for security, or because they enjoy the company. I find that defeats the reasons for why I boondock.

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Dec 10, 2014
active travelers

We've been on the road for 15 months 25,000 miles, and boondock several nights a week. We tend to head for cities on the weekends (farmers markets and festivals) and to public lands during the week (fewer folks). Traveling off-season has always worked for us, too. Loved your comparison. We traveled for nine months 12 years ago and found similar differences. Wish we had known about national forests and ACE then.

Dec 02, 2014
Different goals?
by: Anonymous

I guess I have different goals than most boondockers like Marianne. I've tried it, and traveling alone it just takes too much time to research or even find free camping, when I can just find a truck stop with separate RV parking, or in the back of some convenience store.

In addition to the convenience, there are too many folks nearby to worry about security. Being from south Texas I cringed when I read Marianne's recos on free parking near the Mexican border. That is suicide in my opinion. I guess folks from Canada don't see and hear the news about what comes across our border down here, from terrorists to bullets, it runs the gamut. NO thank you. Stay away from the Mexican border. I'm retired LE, and I know of what I speak. They can make you disappear, and your RV will end up in Mexico.

My trips are usually limited however, and I don't sit around gawking at back road dirt lots. I move everyday, and may end up four or five hundred miles from starting point.

Each to his own, that's what RVing is about, right?

Nov 30, 2014
An oxymoron
by: Marianne

I think that might be what they call an oxymoron: "places where others don't go" in the southeastern states. Even in the National Forests, we've always had neighbors. If anyone visiting this site knows of such places, they probably wouldn't tell us; I guess that's wise :-)

Nov 30, 2014
Boondock camps
by: Anonymous

We like to find places where other people don't go, and we're pretty good at it. It's easier out West, and in Canada. Do you have any suggestions for the SE states?

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